Does Construction Tech Need VC Cash?


As Founder and Managing Partner with Shadow Ventures, K.P. Reddy has seen dollars flow into construction technology. Not as many dollars as into other sectors just yet, but he explains how the availability of capital has helped entrepreneurial tech firms ramp up in the market, driving change in the industry. Here, he explains how there is enough competition to ensure funded companies have strong products and potential for growth, and in some cases investments have left a dent in how we do construction.

IRONPROS: Are there certain things that you think have really so far moved the needle? Whether that's an individual portfolio company, or just like a general broad technology that's really got some legs?

REDDY: Yeah, I think Icon on the 3d printing side. You know, when I first met with them, they were three guys working in their backyard, trying to build concrete 3d homes.

I think it's super interesting, because I think they've now not only are getting scale, they've defined a new building style, which is kind of interesting, you know, because a lot of people say, Oh, that doesn't look like, you know, my house ... I think that comes down to a preference, right? So not only they created a technology that's very interesting, innovative lowers the cost, but they've invented a new style of architecture. STREAM THE FULL VIDEO FOR MORE