Liebherr Showcases New 31 XXT Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Equipped with LiDriveIn functionality, the 31 XXT concrete pump features a 100.4-ft. vertical reach and swiveling outriggers for stability during use.


Liebherr has unveiled the 31 XXT concrete pump. This machine is equipped with a compact five-part distribution boom scores and features a low unfolding height of 5.4 meters. This results in maximum flexibility on smaller and cramped construction sites. The full strength of this concept is noticeable when working indoors.

Powerbloc Drive Unit

A major highlight of the new 31 XXT is Liebherr's tried and tested “Powerbloc” pump drive unit. It is characterized by the fact that all hydraulic switching and measuring elements are fully integrated. This eliminates the need for numerous hydraulic hoses and other components previously required.

concrete pump

Liebherr 31 XXT.


The new LiDriveIn function is a ideal when working in construction sites with low ceiling heights. Thanks to LiDriveIn, the 31 XXT can enter a building in standard operation with the arm package folded in front of the driver’s cab. To bring the arm package folded forward, it is not necessary to swing out the outrigger legs, it is only necessary to move the cylinders downwards.

The machine operator lifts the cylinders again and can enter the hall together with the arm package in front of the driver's cab. Now support can be provided as desired, for example full, partial or single-sided support. In the hall, the boom can be easily unfolded in front of the driver’s cab thanks to the short arm segments and the low unfolding height. This way, the last centimeters can be saved. For load reasons, the LiDriveIn function is only quoted in combination with a four-axle chassis.

concrete pump

Hose and Pipe Storage System

Storage systems for hoses and pipes allow around 90 meters of conveyor lines to be carried. After swinging out the outrigger legs, all bearing magazines are accessible. It is possible to store lines in diameters DN80/100/125. Due to the design of the magazine with individual pipes, each cable segment carried can be removed individually at will.

concrete pump

Liebherr 31 XXT.

Semi-closed Oil Circuit (HCC)

The new drive unit is combined with the semi-closed oil circuit, which supplies all drives powerfully and reliably with hydraulic energy. As a result, the oil volume could be reduced.

LED lighting is available for illumination during use. Various storage boxes for materials and tools, as well as shelves for hoses and pipelines are also available.

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