New Holland T7.270 Methane Power CNG Tractor Pushes Limits of Alternative Fuel

The tractor produces 270 hp (maximum) under all conditions. Because methane is a cleaner-burning fuel, a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system is not required.


New Holland has unveiled the T7.270 Methane Power CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) tractor, taking alternative fuel technology further up the power scale.

Based on the T7 with PLM Intelligence platform, with the latest Horizon Ultra cab, the tractor features the NEF 6.7-liter methane-fueled engine already established in the T6.180 Methane Power tractor, but with increased output to match the capabilities and performance expected from a T7 model tractor.


The engine’s peak torque is 1,160 Nm and it produces a maximum 270 hp under all conditions. This a new engine map, maximizing the performance that customers expect in this segment.

With a figure of 1,265 liters (219 kg on board), the T7.270 CNG holds 178% more fuel than the T6.180 Methane Power (455 liters/79 kg). The result is a tractor that is not only more powerful and capable of working with bigger implements but can also complete many more working hours between refueling stops.

Because methane is a cleaner-burning fuel, a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system is not required, freeing up space for fuel storage. Furthermore, the T7.270 Methane Power CNG can be used with various methane and biomethane sources. It will make it the ideal solution for biodigester operators often running a fleet of multiple haulage tractors. In addition, it is suited to the demands of larger scale arable farms and contractors, and more complex commercial businesses conducting year-round varied applications with heavy-duty implements.

The combination of methane power technology with proven New Holland T7 features is designed to offer potential customers a blend of low operating costs, autonomy, reliability and driver comfort. The new T7.270 Methane Power CNG also features CVT - continuously variable transmission. CVT makes this tractor particularly suitable for trailers weighing more than 18t, typically looking for this type of transmission and for more than 200hp.

CNG vs. Diesel

While similar to the diesel-powered T7.270, the T7.270 Methane Power CNG differs in a few areas. Beneath the cab the design is significantly different, with new cab supports and the battery relocated to the left-hand side to free space for a larger gas tank. The cab itself is the Horizon Ultra, the quietest in the industry, with an interior noise level of just 66 decibels, minimizing operator fatigue and maximizing comfort.

The Horizon Ultra offers 8% more internal volume, providing more operator room and storage space. Like other T7 models, the T7.270 Methane Power CNG benefits from New Holland’s PLM Intelligence solutions, which integrate digital technologies to allow two-way transfer of machine and field data between the tractor and the MyPLMConnect online portal, allowing owners and managers to monitor machines, and dealers – with permission – to provide remote support.

“We believe it is strategically important to invest in methane, and especially biomethane, to offer buyers the best alternative fuels for the future,” said Carlo Lambro, brand president of New Holland Agriculture. “Demands for more power to make tractor operations more efficient continue to grow. New Holland’s approach is to fulfil these demands while helping customers maximize profitability, matching this with the requirement for an alternative to diesel to meet the need for sustainability in the sector.”

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