Potain Evy 30-23 4 t Crane Takes Residential Construction to New Heights

Debuting in the Evy range, the heavy-duty crane is equipped with several smart and connectivity features for seamless operation on jobsites.


Potain has announced a brand-new self-erecting crane, the Evy 30-23 4 t. This new model marks the debut of the Evy range, the latest generation of Potain self-erecting cranes, designed using the Voice of the Customer product development process and market demands for simplicity and increased height under hook.


The Evy 30-23 4 t is specifically engineered for home construction and residential building construction of up to three stories in height. The crane offers a simple setup procedure and requires less manual operation than similar cranes.

It features a 4 t maximum capacity and 1 t capacity from the tip of its substantial 30 m jib, enabling precise handling of heavy loads within an extensive radius. Variable jib positions of 10, 20 or 30 degrees deliver a 35-m maximum height under hook with a 30-degree raised jib. The jib can also be hydraulically folded so that it is just 15 m long and can be shortened to 24 m if required. It also includes a three-phase power system and permanent four-fall reeving.


Potain Evy 30-23 4 t.


The Evy 30-23 4 t is equipped with the CCS Crane Control System, Smart Set-up, Power Control and Drive Control, providing operators with complete control and precision on the jobsite. Its ergonomic design improves operator comfort, as it reduces manual operation and lessens operator fatigue.

Another standout feature of the Evy 30-23 4 t is the inclusion of the Potain CONNECT telematic modem. This connectivity solution empowers users to monitor and analyze crane utilization and allows for remote and local diagnostics thanks to the Access and Assist applications. When it comes to transportation, the Evy 30-23 4 t is compatible with existing axles, enabling transportation as a trailer at 25 km/h or as a semi-trailer at 80 km/h.

“At Potain, we are driven to deliver innovative solutions that empower our customers. The Evy 30-23 4 t represents a significant milestone in our commitment to efficiency and ease of use in the construction industry,” said Rémi Deporte, product manager for self-erecting cranes at Potain.

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