New Year’s Resolutions for Your Fleet


A new year brings new opportunities to enhance your equipment’s performance. Following the busy job schedules and equipment wear and tear from the past year, now is the time to take stock of your fleet and address any maintenance concerns or upgrades you want to implement.

Consider establishing a few New Year’s resolutions to get your construction business off to a strong start in 2024. 

1. Maintain a clean fleet 

Taking the time to focus on general equipment maintenance now will ensure your year starts off on the right foot. Now is the time to change your hydraulic and engine oil and lubricate any grease points with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) lubricants made for your machines. The OEM, or genuine, choice of lubricants is designed to meet performance benchmarks through rigorous in-field and lab testing. For example, CASE Construction Equipment’s No.1 Engine Oil is designed to maximize drain intervals, minimize oil degradation or oxidation, and keep CASE machines running at their top potential. 

While changing your fluids, take time to inspect and clean or replace your fuel, fluid and air filters. Use an air hose to blow out any dust and debris clogging up your filters, or head to your local dealer to find the right replacement for your equipment.  

2. Be prepared before the job begins 

The last thing you want to start the new year with is a dead battery in your equipment. Be sure to check the batteries in your fleet and consider replacing dead or heavily used batteries to keep your crew from losing charge on site. Your local dealer is the top source for the best batteries to power your equipment and ensure you have a battery that can withstand the jolts, vibrations and heat of off-road operation. 

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3. Leave inspections to the pros 

The professionals at your OEM equipment dealer have the training and know-how to keep your fleet performing at its best year-round. With technicians certified in the operation and maintenance of your equipment, your local dealer can schedule regular maintenance or perform a thorough inspection now before the spring jobs start to heat up. Bringing your equipment to the professionals for a full inspection gives you peace of mind that everything is running smoothly and to the best of its ability through every season. 

4. Let equipment reach its full potential 

As you enter the new year, consider enhancements for your fleet that can improve your equipment’s performance and broaden your operation’s abilities in 2024. Today, the attachment possibilities for your equipment are endless.  

There is a plethora of bucket types to suit the needs of your jobsite, including those for rock, concrete and material spreading. These buckets provide you with versatile options suitable for a variety of jobsites from commercial and residential to agricultural. Other attachments like brooms, pallet forks, snow pushes and augers can all enhance your equipment performance and bring new levels of versatility to your fleet this year.  

5. Keep up with wear and tear 

Any ground-engaging parts are bound to show wear and tear after many hours of use. Take the time now to evaluate your wear parts and attachments to ensure they’re sharp and ready for the year ahead.  

Whether maintenance tasks or adding attachments to the fleet to expand your capabilities, establish resolutions that will set your construction business up for maximized uptime and success in the new year. 

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