Liebherr LR 11000 Crane Offers Heavy Lifting Capacity for Infrastructure Projects

Learn about the LR 11000's essential role in the installation of giant wind turbines.


From port operations to infrastructure projects, the LR 11000 crawler crane by Liebherr covers a wide range of applications thanks to its boom variants. At Verschoor, the crane will primarily be used for wind power projects.

The LR 11000 assembled various components such as the tower sections, nacelle and rotor blades at a height of 169 m. At 117 tonnes, the heaviest single component was the gearbox. The crane was set up for the lifts with a 168 m long main boom and 15-m lattice type fixed jib. The LR 11000 is characterized by its transport concept and is designed for a transport width of 3.5 m and a transport height of 3.2 m. The V-frame with its adjustment distance of 17 m moves the derrick ballast into the required position and reduces the workload for ballast handling.

LR 11000

Liebherr LR 11000.

When choosing the LR 11000, Verschoor was primarily interested in the crane’s large lifting capacity at height. “The lifting power of the LR 11000 is enormous,” said Maarten Verschoor Jr. who now manages the company in its second generation. The ability to transport the crane within the weight limits also played a role in the company’s purchase decision. “It was also important for us to have crawler cranes in our fleet in addition to jib cranes,” highlighted account manager Peter Verschoor.

Of the roughly 70 machines in his fleet, around half are Liebherr cranes. However, the LR 11000 is the largest and heaviest crane in Verschoor’s history.

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