This is What Kubota Thinks Tractors Will Look Like in 2030


Kubota North America Corporation (KNA) has showcased the New Agri Concept – a fully electric, multi-purpose tractor during CES 2024.

The fully electric New Agri Concept is designed for flexibility and to support a wide range of tasks. The vehicle's six independent drive motors and a standard three-point hitch allow it to use many existing implements for common operations including mowing and tilling.

Fast charging from 10% to 80% in less than six minutes enables flexibility by not constraining customers with long charge times, reduces vehicle downtime and allows the vehicle to get back to work when in operation. Electric drives enable quiet operation making the New Agri Concept easy to operate in residential settings or at night.

Key technologies include: automatic data collection, real-time monitoring, AI identifying potential issues, automation addressing labor challenges, water management automation and a data platform enhancing productivity.

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"Kubota is transforming from a trusted equipment provider into a solutions provider," said Todd Stucke, Kubota Executive Officer and newly appointed president of Kubota Tractor Corporation.

"We are well known in the compact equipment market for our versatility, durability, and reliability, and our machines have always been easy to own and easy to operate. Today, they're evolving to be even more intuitive, putting data and AI directly in the hands of residential equipment owners to enhance their lives and make things easier, more productive, and more efficient."

Kubota tractor

Kubota New Agri Concept.

"I am excited to help unveil our New Agri Concept, which showcases our design philosophy and builds on Kubota's long legacy of technology innovation for the betterment of society," said senior technologist for Kubota North America Brett McMickell.

"This concept vehicle, as shown in the immersive video, displays the future potential of fusing digital and physical to provide complete solutions for our customers. Many technologies, such as AI, connectivity, and autonomy, need to come together in order to realize Kubota's vision of providing solutions across the food value chain – from growers to consumers. Kubota provided more than a vision, but an invitation to be part of the future where technology works seamlessly with our customers to create a more sustainable and efficient society."

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