Cummins Expands Centum Series Generator Sets


Cummins has introduced two new generator sets to the Centum Series, C1750D6E and C2000D6E. These two generator sets are constructed to offer a spectrum of power to meet global demands for sustainable power.

The generator sets are powered by the brand new QSK50 engine. This engine delivers power in a small footprint and offers a compact design for ease of installation, service and maintenance. With a power range of 1,750 to 2, 000 kW, the new Centum Series models produce power density with a displacement of just 50 liters. These new models feature reliable power at reduced emissions.

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  • QSK50 engine and STAMFORD S-Range alternators deliver power
  • Compact design, offering ease of installation, service and maintenance
  • Transient performance and high altitude and ambient performance
  • Integration with Cummins Integrated Power System products including generator set controls, transfer switches, system controls and switch gear, microgrid controls and digital solutions

“Today, we are excited to release two more additions to our award-winning Centum Series line of generators. The C1750D6E and C2000D6E generator sets are designed to deliver superior power efficiency at the 1750-2000 kW 60Hz nodes in a much smaller footprint – all while keeping sustainability and lower emissions in mind. These generator sets are also approved for use with HVO in standby applications. At Cummins, we have a long-term commitment to our customers, our industry and our planet - stay tuned for more new products coming soon,” said Vipul Tandon, executive director, Global Power Generation.

cummins generator

Cummins Centum Series.

Engineered, built, installed and serviced by Cummins Power Generation for dependability, these compact generators are specifically designed to deliver the exact amount of power that is needed. The C1750D6E and C2000D6E offer customers transient performance, even at high altitude and ambient temperatures. 

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