Caterpillar Lift Trucks Unveils New Telescopic Fork Stackers

Thanks to the machine's wide straddle design, it is possible to lower the forks to the floor between widely spaced support legs.


Caterpillar Lift Trucks has unveiled two new stackers fitted with telescopic forks. The 1.2 tonne Cat NSR12N2TF stand-in and NSS12N2TF sit-on models are designed for lifting, material handling and transporting applications.


With an extensive choice of triplex masts, operators can maximize utilization of vertical spaces. There are standard maximum heights from 4.8 to 6.3 m, plus custom heights above, below and between, to match various applications. Load deration performance allows individuals to store heavier loads at each level.

Thanks to the trucks’ wide straddle design, it is possible to lower the forks to the floor between widely spaced support legs. This helps in handling closed-base pallets and other load carriers without open fork spaces or pockets. Goods can be stacked right down to the ground, and with low-profile straddle legs there is minimal wasted space under the bottom racking beam.

Straddle specifications depend partly on pallet sizes and racking arrangements. The width between the support legs is 950 or 750 mm as standard or can be customized.

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Telescopic Fork Attachment

The stackers’ telescopic fork attachment is speed-regulated for accurate control. This applies both to small adjustments at creep speeds and to rapid extension or retraction of the forks.

Drive-in and ground clearance, as well as gradient performance, have been enhanced by the structure of the support legs. In addition to their low profile, the machines have a slight downward angle toward their end point. Each has a single wheel or a pair of tandem wheels for smooth motion.

Fork tips are slightly pointed and tapered to prevent sticking. Their shape facilitates pallet entry and exit, even when the truck is simultaneously turning.

Lifting and lowering are smoothly controlled by a stepless, speed-regulated hydraulic motor. This powerful but quiet unit provides safe fork positioning.

telescopic forks

Cat NSR12N2TF.


In addition to double-deep storage, these telescopic fork stackers have many other potential uses. They can act as reach trucks, four-point straddle stackers, pallet trucks, order pickers and more.

Handling long loads is the primary application. Another is stretching into goods vehicles, or across lorry cargo areas, to pick up hard-to-reach loads.

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