Caterpillar Showcases 13-liter C13D Engine for the First Time

Slated for production in 2026, the massive engine offers eight power ratings from 340 to 515 kW with up to 3,200 Nm of peak torque.


The Cat C13D is a new 13-liter diesel engine platform designed for heavy-duty off-highway applications.

Engineered to Caterpillar’s standards for reliability, the inline six-cylinder Cat C13D engine platform offers eight power ratings from 340 to 515 kW with up to 3,200 Nm of peak torque. Engine-mounted after-treatment and cooling packs will also be available from the factory.

Standards and Applications

The C13D will come into production in 2026, meeting the emissions standards of higher regulated markets, such as EU Stage V, U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, China Nonroad Stage IV, Korea Stage V and Japan 2014, with models available for lesser regulated markets.

In Brazil, the C13D will meet MAR-1 emission standards up to 430 kW, with ratings up to 515 kW available for other currently lesser and currently non-regulated Latin American countries such as Argentina and Peru.

By supplying comparable power and torque available from Caterpillar’s current 13-, 15- and single-turbo 18-liter engine platforms, the Cat C13D platform provides an opportunity for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to downsize the engine and simplify design, assembly and supply chain requirements across multiple applications. This consolidation can also reduce maintenance, parts and technical training complexity for end users.

The Cat C13D engine is targeted for a wide range of off-highway equipment, including rock crushers, screeners and grinders, trenchers, agriculture tractors, harvesters and self-propelled sprayers, woodchippers, material-handling equipment and large industrial pumps.

“Off-highway OEMs and equipment owners face a rapidly evolving business environment that demands improved worksite productivity and reduced operating costs,” said Steve Ferguson, senior vice president of Caterpillar Industrial Power Systems. “Internal combustion engines are the prevailing workhorses on most job sites around the world, which is why we’ve invested in the next-generation Cat C13D diesel engine platform to address their challenges.”

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The new engine platform offers up to a 20% increase in power and up to 25% more low-speed torque than the previous generation of Cat engines in its power class. It is designed to perform at altitudes of up to 12,000 ft – maintaining higher power than legacy engines at higher altitudes – and in extreme ambient temperatures as high as 140 F (60 C) and as low as minus 40 F (minus 40 C) with aids.

Engineers have designed the Cat C13D engine for quality, reliability and maintenance through a number of improvements, including integrating components and reducing the number of leak joints by more than 45%. Together, the upgrades result in low fluids consumption and extended service intervals as long as 1,000 hours.

The new engine platform will be equipped with Cat Digital Services, an integrated suite of software and hardware solutions.

The new Cat C13D will be fully supported by the global Cat dealer network, which offers genuine Cat parts and services packaged in Customer Value Agreements. Dealer technicians are trained to provide a comprehensive range of maintenance and services.

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