No Case Drain Required: FAE BL1/EX-75 Forestry Mulcher Attachment

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FAE has expanded the BL1/EX range with a new model that eliminates the need of case drain. The new model for 4.5- to 7.5-ton excavators features a newly-conceived gear motor.

The BL1/EX-75 can mulch light vegetation, shrubs, and trees up to 5 in. in diameter. It can be used to control vegetation along roadsides, railroad tracks and the banks of canals, rivers and lakes, to manage and protect wildlife habitats, and to maintain commercial parks and sports grounds.

The new BL1/EX-75 model replaces the old, piston-motor model and is complemented by the VT model, with the same operating width.

The Bite Limiter technology on this head is for vegetation management with reliable shredding. The Bite Limiter rotor uses wear-resistant steel profiles to limit the reach (bite) of the teeth. This cuts down on power demand and promotes a consistent working speed, for performance when mulching wood. The Bite Limiter technology also minimizes rotor stalling and optimizes fuel consumption.

The new BL1/EX-75 can be equipped with BL/MINI blades or C/3/MINI teeth and is available in an operating width.

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