DANNAR Mobile Station Brings Power to Rugged Worksites

Dannar Act Expo 2024

DANNAR offers the Mobile Power Station (MPS) and the new Gen2 MPS 480 3-Phase option, which enables operators to charge and power equipment in remote areas with limited access to infrastructure.

"Our mission is to empower our customers to transform their communities with cleaner, more efficient energy solutions,” said DANNAR founder and CEO Gary Dannar.

“The Gen2 MPS 480 exemplifies our commitment to disciplined innovation, offering superior power export, scalability, and adaptability. We're excited to share these advancements at ACT Expo and demonstrate to transportation leaders how DANNAR's Mobile Power Station redefines the way fleets and operators think about energy resilience. Our team is already working with exceptional companies like Caterpillar, Amazon AWS, BMW and Volvo Construction Equipment to continuously improve our one-of-a-kind MPS. The Gen2 is the next step in our vision to deliver innovative solutions, scale and value to our customers.”

DANNAR's Mobile Power Station is a versatile, modular off-road platform capable of powering a variety of work attachments, providing mobile microgrid energy and supporting autonomous operations. It also functions as an energy storage solution. The platforms can support electric and hydraulic attachments for various tasks.

The newly released Gen2 MPS 480 3-Phase option integrates with 480 3-Phase panels, which are heavily used in industrial applications, heavy-duty equipment and commonly used in commercial buildings, hospitals, city infrastructure, farms and more. The added capacity offers high power handling, bidirectional energy flow and scalability, making it adaptable to evolving power needs.

The MPS gives crews a reliable source of power during an outage or off-grid project site with 500 kWh energy storage capacity and quick recharge using 480 3-Phase bidirectional capabilities.

The combination of mobility, access to multi-phase electrical power and modular configuration to suit nearly any job makes the MPS a practical and versatile asset across numerous industries where fixed grid infrastructure is unavailable.

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