Top 5 Construction Helmet Products for Head Protection and Safety

For comfort, durability and safety on construction sites, consider purchasing a safety helmet.


When people think about construction workers’ head gear, hard hats will generally come to mind first. After all, photos of workers with hard hats, as they worked on skylines decades ago, have become iconic.

But now, more and more hard hats are being upgraded to helmets since they offer more protection, leading to a decline in employee injuries and downtime, along with a rise in construction jobsites’ profits.

Why Buy a Construction Helmet?

Without question, the primary benefits of helmets are protection and, in turn, safety. Not only are they able to shield against falling objects, but some will protect you from impacts, too. In addition, they’ll enhance your safety if you ever fall, as they’ll remain firmly in place. Often featuring attachable visors and ear protection, while also being equipped with—or comprised of—high-visibility materials, helmets are American National Standards Institute (ANSI) compliant (ANSI Z89.1-2014, in particular) as well.

Aside from safety, helmets will also offer you several other benefits, including enhanced visibility, the potential for branding, regarding each user’s particular company and department, and sun protection. Furthermore, they’re well ventilated, resulting in high comfort as you complete your job tasks, irrespective of your shift’s length.

As you prepare to purchase a new helmet or replace your current hard hat with a helmet, consider the following five options, as they provide a wide array of benefits, concerning comfort, durability and safety.

1. AOLAMEGS Construction Helmet

construction helmet

AOLAMEGS Safety Helmet.

Comprised of Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material, this lightweight, durable helmet features a one-finger adjustment strap that’s easy to access. Suitable for most users’ head sizes, the helmet also has a clear visor that will protect your eyes, regardless of the environment you work in. As a result of its design, the helmet meets ANSI Z89.1, Type 1, Class C standards, which the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires. Additionally, the helmet has sling vented holes that can be effortlessly opened and closed, depending on the conditions you’re encountering at any given time, enabling you to work in practically any environment. 

Best Features: One-finger adjustment strap; sling vented holes

Price: $45.99 – Buy construction helmet on

2. Black Knight Safety Helmet

construction helmet

Black Knight Safety Helmet.

Due to its six-point suspension system, this helmet can conform to your head’s shape, leading to high impact protection and comfortability. If your head size is between 21 and 25 inches, you may adjust the helmet’s size by rotating its nape ratchet. However, if your head is smaller than that, you might need to adjust the helmet’s headband’s position by changing its linking straphangers. Available with a clear visor, the helmet also has a chin strap that can be removed, along with ventilation slots that may be opened and closed. And since its outer shell is comprised of ABS, the helmet has high impact resistance, too.

Best Features: High impact resistance; six-point suspension system

Price: $50.89 – Buy construction helmet on

3. GREENDEVIL Construction Helmet

construction helmet

GREENDEVIL Safety Helmet.

Also offering a six-point suspension system, this helmet will, in turn, enhance your overall comfort, while absorbing shocks as well. Featuring a replaceable soft cotton core sweatband that has a porous coating, the helmet provides optimum sweat absorption, too. Furthermore, it has a highly comfortable, convenient chinstrap with a molded chin-cup, resulting in high stability. Able to be effortlessly removed, the helmet has one adjustable size that practically fits everyone. In fact, the helmet’s size can be adjusted with one hand, as you’ll never have to remove it to alter its size. And it has a high-visibility design, ensuring you’ll remain safe in low light conditions.

Best Features: Cotton core sweatband; one adjustable size fits nearly everyone

Price: $35.99 – Buy construction helmet on

4. Malta Dynamics Construction Helmet

construction helmet

Malta Dynamics Safety Helmet.

Providing a lightweight design, as it only weighs 1.25 pounds, this helmet also has a six-point suspension system, which can be adjusted to conform to your head’s shape. As a result of this personalization, you’ll be comfortable and protected from various impacts. Offering more coverage than typical hard hats, the helmet also has an adjustable head band, leading to further comfort. In addition, the helmet, which is available in three colors (black, blue and white), has an optional visor attachment that’s either clear or tinted. Providing adjustable sliding air vents that enable you to control its temperature, the helmet is also ANSI certified.

Best Features: Adjustable sliding air vents; six-point suspension system

Price: $60.99 – Buy construction helmet on

5. UNINOVA Safety Helmet

construction helmet

UNINOVA Safety Helmet.

Featuring eight adjustable vents, this highly ventilated helmet offers something for everyone, whether you need coolness in the summer, dryness in the rain or warmth in the winter. Providing a six-point ratchet suspension system, the helmet is especially comfortable for users whose head sizes are between 20 and 25 inches. ANSI approved, the helmet also meets EN166 and EN 397 requirements. Additionally, it has sweatbands that can attach to its interior, enabling it to absorb sweat before it ever runs into your eyes. Offering side slots as well, the helmet consequently allows you to install a face shield or a headlamp on it for further protection.

Best Features: Eight adjustable vents; six-point ratchet suspension system

Price: $65.99 – Buy construction helmet on

Things to Know about a Construction Helmet

How long will I typically be able to use my construction helmet?

If your safety helmet is properly maintained and hasn’t endured any type of impact, its shell should be able to be used for up to five years. However, to ensure longevity, its suspension must be replaced once a year. 

How exactly should I clean my helmet?

To clean your helmet and its suspension, use mild soap and warm water, while completely rinsing, wiping and air drying each of them. You should always avoid solvents though, as they may damage your helmet’s protective elements.

And how should I store it?

Ensure you store your helmet in an area that’s clean and dry. Avoid sunlight exposure at all costs, as sunlight and ultraviolet light will eventually damage your helmet’s shell.

IRONPROS Tip: Pair these safety helmets with high-visibility vests for complete protection on construction sites!

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