Goldenseal is software for small businesses. It works for anyone who needs to give estimates, control expenses or manage projects. It handles your accounting, and many other business functions.The program was first built to run Turtle Creek Construction. It includes smart dimensions and unit costs for new construction and remodeling estimates.Goldenseal is used by remodelers, construction contractors, architects, retailers, service businesses, and professionals. It's ideal for any small business that needs more than just basic accountin

Goldenseal is estimating software that gives you fast, accurate cost estimating for any type of project. It works well for construction, and many other business types.

The Goldenseal estimating program includes many cost estimation features that help you to increase the accuracy of your project estimates, and reduce the time it takes to prepare a bid

smart dimensions calculate quantities for you from a few simple measurements

unit costs and assemblies calculate an accurate cost for the work you do-- and update automatically when prices change

competitive bid tracking handles price quotes from suppliers and subcontractors

project templates make it easy to estimate your standard types of projects

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