NEXUS is an advanced Fatigue monitoring and management system. Designed for industrial applications to improve safety sites. Monitoring operator fatigue allows mining and industrial operators to be safer and more productive by reducing fatigue operator related incidents DotNetix is concerned with machines in ‘mission critical’ applications, where accidents are unacceptable and where safety can be enhanced through monitoring of the human operator or driver who is ultimately responsible. Audible alerts are created for the driver while real time remote alerts can be analysed for fatigued or distracted operators. NEXUS’ infrared camera continuously monitors the operator for eyelid closure facial and head movements, and other unsafe behaviour while the vehicle is in motion. Upon Event Detection: In cab alarms are activated (speaker and/or seat vibrator) An event is created and stored locally or on the cloud server Event data and clipped photos are synchronised with Nexus Integrated with CLEARVIEW

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