In the critical moments of a medical emergency, Orisent's RF (radio frequency) Nurse Call Trigger stands as a beacon of rapid response, facilitating immediate communication and assistance. Designed with an intuitive interface and housed on a large aluminium backboard for easy mounting and high visibility, it ensures that help is always within reach, providing both audio and visual feedback to the distressed individual.

Key Features:

  • Quick Alert Transmission: Leveraging wireless technology with no need for repeaters, it swiftly sends alerts to nearby devices in the network, which then relay the alert to the central Touchscreen Control Unit (TCU), ensuring a rapid response.
  • Visual Confirmation: Features indicator lights that confirm the successful transmission and reception of the alert, providing peace of mind to the user in distress.
  • Multi-Channel Alert: Emergency personnel are notified through various channels including the TCU, and optionally through the smartphone app and SMS, allowing for a coordinated and efficient response.
  • Response Tracking: Allows emergency personnel to accept or decline the response call, fostering a system of accountability and efficiency.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: All activities are meticulously logged, facilitating transparent reporting and auditing, and aiding in continual system optimization.
  • Power Options: Can be powered through battery or mains, with the convenience of in-device battery charging, ensuring uninterrupted functionality.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Receive timely alerts for battery and signal strength on the TCU and smartphone app, helping in maintaining the system at its optimal performance.

Utilise this Nurse Call Trigger to enhance the safety protocols on your construction site, ensuring a swift and organized response to medical emergencies, and safeguarding the well-being of every worker.

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