Make dispatching 30% faster and easier. Process large volumes of tickets easily.

Tread’s dump truck dispatching software eliminates constant phone calls, text messages, and follow ups by sending standardized driver requests directly to dispatchers. With cloud-based dump truck dispatcher software, hauling companies can update and access schedules at any time, anywhere—whether on the road, in the office, or on site.

Instantly send time-sensitive information to all dump truck drivers on the same job and speed up payments and improve trust and safety with instant digital invoices. Whether an in-house fleet or subcontracted trucks, companies gain direct access to dispatch dump trucks, eliminating time spent waiting for subcontractor companies to forward requests.

Tread’s paperless e-ticketing solutions allow companies to digitally capture all scale-house tickets and save them in an easily-accessible hub for all dump truck drivers and material producers. Paperless ticketing streamlines company ticket operations by allowing drivers to sign tickets on Tread’s mobile app while on site and share them on our software, as well as eases company processes of working with large volumes of data by exporting ticket data for further analysis to an external system.

Beyond streamlining processes, e-ticketing increases company profitability with instant digital invoices, speeds up payments, and improves trust and safety among drivers and clients. Our e-ticketing solutions allow hauling companies to reduce fraud by detecting duplicate tickets and integrates seamlessly with Command Alkon’s CONNEX ticketing system, Sage Intacct and QuickBooks.

Make dispatching faster and easier.

Process large volumes of tickets easily.

Accurately assess driver and project productivity.

Simplify multi-day projects for your dispatchers.

Improve fleet efficiencies, budgets and timelines with valuable insights and data-backed recommendations.

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