Keep track of your people with driver identification, vehicle diagnostics, timekeeping, mobility and more.

With the LIVE.connects management application, you can intelligently monitor your fleet, teams working outside the company, materials and machines in real time. In the user-friendly application, you maintain an overview of your fleet and field service, and analyse all registered data to optimise your business processes.

Certain features of LIVE.connects are specifically designed to help companies comply with obligations imposed by the government. With solutions such as Checkin@work for the construction sector, Incert-approved track&trace TT alarms, and AGR-GPS manure transport registration, we have built a top reputation since 2002.

So, you can be assured that as a construction company, fertiliser transporter, farm or company with a fleet, with LIVE.connects you have everything you need to work without worries, fines or technical problems.

Private work button

Use the private button to record professional - private kilometres driven

Driving behaviour analysis

Compare driver behaviour data and motivate your drivers to drive more consciously and energy-efficiently

HR mobility calculation

Get a correct and full overview of all your employees' mobility allowances and travel costs


Quick check-in for your team and subcontractors at the site. HR, and your social secretariat automatically receive secure data

Driver identification

Check who drove which vehicle and when

Time registration

Know exactly how long an employee has worked on a job thanks to the time registration for correct post-calculation

Spec & Compare.