National Fleet Tracking allows you to keep track of all your heavy machinery and work units while out on site. Our tracking devices can help you solve issues. Construction trailers can be intelligently monitored to provide a high level of security that includes location monitoring, motion detection and status reporting. Vehicles with exposed cabs that are subject to the punishing outdoors rigours of site work are easily monitored and tracked – so any stolen vehicles are quickly recovered.

Your fleet is much more than just vehicles. Your drivers well-being and your company’s reputation are equally, or more important. With National Fleet Tracking you can monitor your drivers behavioral habits with ease. This will allow you to coordinate training specific to your drivers needs.

Recognizing unsafe driving behavior before it’s too late
Locating stolen vehicles quickly
Discouraging ‘Off route’ driving and moonlighting
Reduced speeding means less penalties and accidents
Accurate location and directions for fleet technicians called out for repairs

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