Fuel consumption monitoring system, digital fuel level sensor, analyzes and displays each step of the driver on the route.

OMNICOMM Online is a cloud-based fleet management solution that gives you total visibility and control over your vehicle fleet anytime, anywhere. From managing maintenance, fuel and labor costs to enforcing a safe and lean driving culture, OMNICOMM Online puts you in the driver’s seat.
It allows access to both historical and real-time fleet information whenever and wherever you’re online – including on mobile.
The system receives and processes data from individual vehicle tracking devices, empowering you to make businesses decisions supported by up-to-date, accurate fleet performance information.
With 30+ built-in reports and a custom report-building function, including report scheduling, OMNICOMM Online gives you relevant, detailed and actionable data at your fingertips.

Integrated user-defined photo and video capture
Ease of integration with other software systems thanks to standard API
Accessible online via Android and IOS mobile apps
Web-based platform so no installation required on user machines
Support for third party fleet tracking devices
Flexible access control
30+ built-in reports and extensive report customization
Fleet monitoring including live GPS and GLONASS monitoring and tracking
Support for multiple map types
Driving style analysis and speed control
Maintenance planning with notifications

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