The VXT600 vacuum truck is the newest hydrovac solution in production geared towards payload and efficiency.

The VXT600-11 model features an upgraded capacity with 11 yd³ (10.1 m³) of debris capacity and 1,300 gal (4,921 L) of water in the central tank. The VXT600-16 model features 16 yd³ (14.6 m³) of debris capacity and 2,400 gal (9,085 L) of water. The unit features a built-in 10-degree floor slope along with a three-stage lift cylinder and a full-radius, half-moon rear door for quick and efficient unloads. These combined features make the VXT600 one of the quickest tanks on the market to empty. This unit also features the powerful Jurop Helix 6,400-cfm (181.2-m³/min) PD blower driven by the OMSI transfer case with blower clutch pack soft-start engagement.

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