A fortress of cold-weather protection.
Our new limited-edition Mackinaw Wool Foul Weather Hoodie combines the all-conditions warmth that’s made our Mackinaw Wool legendary for over a century with the armor-like protection of Tin Cloth. All in the form-factor of your favorite hoodie.

Wool has excelled at sheltering humans from cold and wet weather for centuries, due to its complex fiber structure that wicks moisture out to the tips of each fiber for evaporation. This natural process allows it insulate even if it gets soaked. The uncommonly tight weave of Mackinaw Wool produces a naturally breathable fabric that is resistant to wind and water, and adds outstanding durability.

A layer of oil finish Tin Cloth over the shoulders, hood and arms adds an additional barrier to rain, snow and abrasion, completing this fortress of protection. The wool-blend knit cuffs and hem seal out chilly winds while maintaining the benefits of wool’s natural insulating ability. Equipped with hand and chest pockets on the front and a full-length two-way zipper that extends to chin-height. Interior security pocket.

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