How Clearstory Streamlines Change Order Processes

Formerly Extracker, this company provides a centralized change order register.


If construction projects proceeded according to plan, timelines and budgets would be easy to follow. But that is not the way it usually works. Here, Clearstory Founder and CEO Cameron Page joins us for an explanation of how their change order register streamlines the process saving time and eliminating dropped balls between project partners.

IRONPROS: Is there a reason from your perspective, that we're not seeing something like an ISO standard, or, something like we see in other industries like electronic data interchange (EDI)?

PAGE: Yeah, that's an interesting question. And I think when it comes to construction documents, AIA has a whole suite of documents. They produce their standard. One of the interesting documents that is missing is actually the change order request document. AIA has a change order document where you're going to issue an updated contract to a sub to your contractor. But the actual request document ... STREAM THE FULL VIDEO FOR MORE

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