Study Reveals Current, Future States of Construction AI, VR/AR, IoT and Interconnected Equipment

IRONPROS study presents detailed adoption curve data for advanced technologies like AI, VR/AR and IoT with connected equipment leading the pack for adoption.


A deep research-driven analysis now available from IRONPROS shows how disruptive technologies are making their way into established construction software and hardware offerings, and in turn may change the face of the industry even as timelines and budgets shrink either incrementally or radically due to process efficiencies and new ways of delivering value.

The study is just one part of the 2023 State of The Industry Construction Technology Report from IRONPROS and ForConstructionPros.

The study includes detailed adoption curve analyses for:

  • Interconnected Equipment
  • Augmented/Virtual Reality Training
  • Internet of Things
  • Artificial Intelligence


Based on the percentage of respondents who had adopted or saw a technology as important in the next 10 years, interconnected equipment was the single most significant technology studied. This was driven by a slight lead over some other categories in respondents already using the technology, but significantly percentages say interconnected equipment will be important in either five or 10 years.

Interconnected equipment, which involves digitally mediated coordination between pieces of equipment engaged in a project is a critical way for autonomous digital processes to come to market in equipment-centric construction. IRONPROS analysts have seen this trend manifest already in repetitive construction settings like roadbuilding, where digital coordination between automated pavers, compactors and even material trucks result in a smoother, more reliable linear asset by eliminating stops caused by interruptions in the process.

IRONPROS has followed construction hardware and software vendors as they include these new technologies in their product offerings. Examples include:

  • Estimating software that uses AI to help contractors figure out which projects to bid, which to walk away from and how high or low to bid.
  • Connected equipment, hand tools and wearables that send IoT data from the field to the back office for analysis and real-time decision making.
  • Sensors used during construction and often left on site to monitor water leakage and even shut down water supply to mitigate damage.
  • Networked robotic paving and earthwork machinery that ensure one process dovetails with the next.

GPS Asset Tracking Hardware at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023

Construction professionals can learn more about vendors leading the charge with these technologies on IRONPROS. A number of vendors exhibiting at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 20203 March 13-18 in Las Vegas, Nevada will also have strong stories to tell about how they are leverage disruptive technology, including:

  • Interconnected machinery solutions from Topcon Booth #W43445, Leica Geosystems Booth #N12325 and Trimble Booth #W41522
  • Artificial intelligence features embedded in construction enterprise software from Procore Booth #N11541 and Sage Booth #N12476
  • IoT technology including the COMMANDAssurance in-drum sensor system from Command Alkon, Booth #N12315

“2023 is an exciting year for the industry because these disruptive technologies will help construction executive teams make not just incremental step changes but substantial leaps forward in their ability to build faster, at higher quality, at a more competitive cost and with higher margins,” AC Business Media CEO Ron Spink said. “IRONPROS is the central repository for insights on how construction technology vendors and products are evolving along these lines. We are here to help financial decision makers understand and win with disruptive tech.”

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