Incheq Streamlines Task Automation for Construction Projects

Brianna Van Zanten, customer success manager at InCheq and task management expert, provides an overview of how the company helps construction businesses manage tasks more efficiently.


IRONPROS: Provide an overview of Incheq and its mission.

Brianna: Incheq is the most user-friendly, automated task verification platform. From preventive maintenance solutions, performance and IoT monitoring to seamless integration - we provide a simple way for our clients to manage, organize and optimize workflows, ultimately saving time and money. 

The company allows clients to quickly view instructions and simply complete and record tasks while also automating task scheduling and reassignments. Just In Time (JIT) scheduling is a unique Incheq feature that allows personnel and 3rd party vendors to self-schedule their tasks instantly when needed. Our mission goes beyond just providing software; it extends to enhancing overall productivity and fostering long-term success for our clients. The foundation of our relations is built on longevity, compassion and integrity. 

IRONPROS: How has task management tools evolved in the past decade? What are current task management trends businesses should be aware of?

Brianna: In the last decade, task management tools have undergone a significant transformation, shifting from traditional basic checklists to a focus of user-friendliness, collaboration features and integrated smart task suggestions. However, not everyone has embraced this digital evolution, as some continue to rely on outdated paper checklists and excel spreadsheets.

The risks associated with using these outdated methods are fabricating verifications, losing checklists, unreliable documentation and disorganized record keeping. Recognizing the importance of staying current, we anticipate the continued growth of trends in emotional intelligence and automation within task management tools.

Through Incheq, we provide a personalized approach and a user feedback-centered structure, enabling our clients to prioritize their employees' work and cultivate a supportive and empowering work environment. Our clients value understanding and including the emotions, experiences and insights of their employees into their task management. This not only fosters productivity, quality of task completion and overall well-being, but also addresses the challenges posed by manual, outdated methods.

IRONPROS: What are the challenges of adopting new task management tools or software for businesses?

Brianna: Inevitable change. Change is inherently difficult and many organizations may fear disruptions to their established workflows. We understand that successfully adopting new tools often depends on addressing those specific challenges or triggers, making the change necessary instead of feared. At Incheq, we work closely with our clients to identify these key triggers, offering a personalized approach and demonstrating the benefits of our task verification platform.

Furthermore, in asset management, businesses deal with software issues, downtime challenges and struggles with user-friendliness. Facilities management brings complications like compliance demands and the need for simple, scalable solutions. Outsourcing teams often struggle with creating their own solution as they face costly and timely executions, loopholes in objectives and natural human error. Hence, Incheq is a highly customizable, cost savvy solution that is ready for immediate implementation to conquer all common challenges.  

IRONPROS: What are current task management trends businesses should be aware of?

Brianna: In the world of task management, businesses are looking for digital solutions that are easier to implement and use, recognizing the limitations of traditional tools like checklists, PDFs and spreadsheets. As a young black woman in tech, I'm eager to be a part of Incheq's mission, responding to what the newer generations really seek – an intuitive, empowering and digital task management solution. Incheq is here to redefine the way we work.

For example, a current trend businesses should be aware of is acknowledging the difficulties faced by maintenance staff, particularly in terms of training and scheduling. As a response, we have created self-scheduling options, giving users more control. Incheq, with its QR Scan and Go and little to no training ideology, fits right into this need, providing a smart, user-friendly solution for those last-minute service tasks.

IRONPROS: What can customers expect from Incheq in 2024?

Brianna: In Spring 2024, Incheq is offering free Webinar Demos called: “Unleashing Efficiency with Incheq”. Participants can learn all the basic roles from Task Specialist up to Administrator. Discover how effortlessly our software integrates into your workflow, enhancing efficiency and productivity. Not only will there be live demonstrations of the software in action, but viewers will have the chance to test it out for themselves, win fun prizes and become the advocates of change for their company. 

On the horizon, our customers can expect further IoT capabilities as well as various machine learning enhancements, ensuring Incheq remains at the forefront of technological innovation to meet evolving business needs.

This year, Incheq is joining hands with Oxidizers Inc, a leading Thermal Oxidation Technology company, to provide the step stool for digitizing maintenance processes. By incorporating QR-based digital maintenance into their service offerings, Oxidizers Inc provides clients with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy in tracking and managing their equipment. This innovative solution ensures maximum uptime, reduced downtime and optimize productivity, delivering substantial cost savings and peace of mind for customers. 

Additionally, Incheq is partnering with SIVAD Group LLC, a renowned provider of surface, indoor air quality and PPE products. Our partnership focuses on utilizing Incheq's software to implement sustainable solutions to improve air quality in facilities. 

IRONPROS: What types of task management tools are in demand by contractors and businesses in the construction industry?

Brianna: Businesses are on the lookout for tools that are simpler and more user-friendly than corporate ERP systems, which demand excessive time and resources for learning and management. In the construction industry, onsite companies and crews require tools for tracking physical assets. Incheq closes the circle by tracking assets, people and their tasks.

In terms of competition, there are a few players in the Incheq space, but it's not a crowded field at the moment. Currently, some larger corporations are trying to create their own solutions. However, they don't need to go through all the trouble … Incheq is here for that.

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