Command Alkon Pumps $20M into Cloud Apps for Aggregate and Asphalt

Command Cloud suite customers are in a position to benefit from the investment.


Command Alkon has committed an additional $20M investment in 2024 and 2025 to its Command Cloud suite of modern, cloud-native products for the Ready Mix, Aggregates and Asphalt markets.

This investment accelerates the rollout of advanced features for Ready Mix cloud customers, and the completion of the development of the company’s Aggregates and Asphalt Cloud software offerings, including Dispatch and Scale Ticketing. 

Command Alkon's Aggregates and Asphalt Cloud solutions will be available in early 2025 for implementation and represent a step towards modernizing the industry. These products will cover functionality and integrate with existing and future plant automation equipment.

"Our aim is to simplify and unlock the advantages of a single platform for companies who produce and sell more than one material," said Martin Willoughby, chief executive officer at Command Alkon.

"All Command Cloud products are API-first, reflecting our commitment to interfacing with third party systems and ensuring customer flexibility. We are dedicated to supporting our customers' transformation journey, whether they utilize our full suite, or integrate with other industry tools." 

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This decision represents a major milestone in Command Alkon’s commitment to transforming the way that the Aggregates and Asphalt markets do business through workflows and connectivity across their technologies and applications. The investment enables the company to accelerate the replication of capabilities that the Ready Mix market has realized through next-generation cloud features.

"Scalability, flexibility, and real-time data insights have become essential in today’s fast-paced business landscape," said Ranjeev Teelock, chief product officer at Command Alkon.

"By investing in a modern, cloud-based approach in developing our products, our customers in the Ready Mix market are already seeing significant value from dynamic dashboards, APIs, powerful machine learning algorithms, and cutting-edge AI capabilities. We are thrilled to extend these benefits to our customers in the Aggregates and Asphalt markets, delivering cloud solutions that provide instant access to timely information and analytics to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and improve overall efficiency."

"With this investment, we are well positioned to lead the heavy building materials industry in delivering a full suite of cloud technologies that optimize and streamline processes and drive growth," said Jeff Newlin, chief revenue officer at Command Alkon.

"Our commitment to empowering our customers with the most advanced tools in the industry remains unwavering, and we are excited to embark on this next phase of our cloud transformation strategy."

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