Everything You Need to Know About the AVVIR-Hexagon Integration

Hexagon develops laser scanner hardware and software for on-field data capturing applications.
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Q&A with Caity Taylor, director of Solutions Engineering at Hexagon Building Solutions.

IRONPROS: Why did AVVIR join Hexagon?

Taylor: Businesses want to get the most out of the technology they invest in - to maximize efficiency, profitability, safety and sustainability.

That’s why AVVIR joined Hexagon in 2022 with its BIM-focused reality analysis platform that improves workflows, schedules and outcomes by using reality capture data onsite. It was a natural fit. 

As digital twins become more commonplace on jobsites, real-time and autonomous capabilities are increasing efficiencies and overcoming asset information challenges, adding financial visibility and confidence. We set out to maximize the benefits of AVVIR’s platform and Hexagon’s wider digital twin technology, along with our building construction technology portfolio, to create holistic and interoperable smart digital reality workflows for construction.

IRONPROS: How will the AVVIR platform be integrated with Hexagon's new Building workflow solutions?

Taylor: AVVIR’s analysis portal, now called the Hexagon Construction Analysis Portal (CAP), will integrate with Hexagon Multivista Documentation Software (MDS), allowing our construction partners visibility into their project data and reports.

Utilizing the full portfolio of Hexagon Building Solutions, users can now create model data, capture the conditions of their jobsite and analyze these components to gain better insights into their project. Our teams take a consultative approach to meet the unique needs of project teams -- providing a recommended framework to aid in digital project delivery.

Hexagon CAP (previously called AVVIR Portal) can now be accessed directly through the Hexagon Building Solutions page.

IRONPROS: What are the changes that come with the integration?

Taylor: While some names have changed, the solutions work just as before. Since the integration, AVVIR capabilities are now combined with Hexagon brands including Multivista, Leica Geosystems, OxBlue, Bricsys and AGTEK in seamless workflows for our customers. This provides users with improved connectivity across the entire Hexagon portfolio of sensors, software and services. The integration will deliver data driven insights for increased interoperability and clarity for our customers.

IRONPROS: How will existing and new customers benefit from AVVIR integrating with Hexagon?

Taylor: Integrating AVVIR’s Progress Reporting and Deviation Analysis solutions with Hexagon's reality capture technology makes the construction process more autonomous. This saves time and money as contractors can focus on solving issues rather than finding them - in turn, giving them a competitive edge.

By using smart digital realities - including reality capture, BIM, digital twins and AI - every phase of a construction project becomes more efficient.

IRONPROS: What is the overall goal of the new workflow solutions?

Taylor: With the new workflows, we want to help customers bridge gaps where processes lack efficiency and facilitate seamless communication between technologies and across all stages of a project.

Having remote visuals of a jobsite, keeping up with the true state of construction progress and keeping design intent documents up to date for a smooth handover are all big pain points for many contractors. Hexagon’s new combined workflows target these three principle challenges:

Visual Progress provides 24/7 remote access for capturing, mapping and linking job-site visuals to floor plans or models from any web-connected device, enabling proactive risk management.

Progress Reporting automates data capture, analysis and reporting, providing contractors with timely information on construction progress by floor, area,and trade.

Finally, As-built Verification ensures up-to-date design documents and as-builts by capturing existing field conditions via laser scanning to accurately create or correct 2D and 3D documentation for easy handover to owners. 

IRONPROS: What can customers expect from Hexagon Building Solutions in 2024?

Taylor: 2024 has already been a busy year for our Building Solutions team with our new integrated workflow solutions having launched in February this year in Dallas, Texas. Customer demand since then has been high, so we’ve now also launched in Boston, Atlanta, New York and most recently London.

Looking ahead, we will be launching our workflow packages more broadly across North American markets and we are already looking at additional interest and opportunities outside of North America as well. 

In terms of upcoming releases, the Building Solutions team will be hosting a variety of stand-alone products including Deviation Analysis and Progress Reporting.

Caity Taylor is the director of Solutions Engineering at Hexagon Building Solutions. Prior to joining Hexagon, Caity has worked in design, technology consulting and most recently as a development project manager overseeing the design and construction for commercial office spaces. Leveraging her diverse background in the AECO industry, Caity is interested in supporting her clients by implementing construction technology in an intentional way to ensure the success of a project.

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