How Sustainable is Your 3D Digital Twin? Ask Matterport

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Matterport has launched avoided emissions reporting for select enterprise customers, measuring the emissions savings associated with the use of Matterport’s digital twin platform.

Developed with independent carbon accounting experts, the reports enable enterprise customers to understand the impact of emissions avoided by collaborating remotely instead of traveling to inspect facilities onsite.

Matterport’s 3D digital twins are sustainability in action, providing tools to help businesses to reduce Scope 3 emissions for tasks that traditionally require travel to complete, such as tours, inspections, progress monitoring, change management and more. The more 3D digital twins are incorporated into day-to-day operations, the greater impact they can drive towards an organization’s sustainability goals.

“Enterprises increasingly need proof-of-value that their technology investments are both driving impact to the bottom line, and their overall carbon footprint,” said Qadira Harris, senior director of Global Responsibility at Matterport. “These new reporting capabilities quantify the sustainable impact of digital twins, empowering enterprises to streamline their property decisions with results they can stand behind.”

Emissions avoided are calculated based on the reduction in business travel enabled by digital twins, taking into account factors such as the number of digital spaces created, geographic location and site visits. Customer reports are tailored to their primary use cases—like property marketing, insurance, design and construction, or facilities management. These considerations are then balanced against the estimated emissions from creating and hosting each digital twin to determine the total emissions avoided.

Matterport’s avoided emissions reports, currently available to select enterprise customers, allow for an assessment of sustainability gains. These reports will be broadly released later this year, with customer feedback informing updates and scalability.

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