Building the Next Generation of Construction Workers Using Simulation Training Technology

Jan 23rd, 2024
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As the construction industry faces a shortage of skilled recruits, many firms have been grappling with the challenge of preparing a new generation of workers. Many of the traditional pathways to construction careers have disappeared, leading the younger generation to shift their focus towards white-collar occupations. The shift has resulted in a substantial skills deficit among available workers. Nearly two-thirds of construction companies currently contend with project delays due to a shortage of skilled labor. 

In response, construction firms are looking for ways to fill this labor gap, and one solution is to invest in advanced training programs. Many companies are integrating simulation training technology as a powerful tool that's set to transform their business. This innovative method of training offers a flexible, immersive experience. It allows candidates to feel like they're truly on the worksite, operating heavy machinery and carrying out job tasks under genuine working conditions. Simulation technology's immersiveness is grounded in actual equipment and performance data, making it an invaluable tool for various stages of the recruitment, assessment, and training process.

During this webinar we will...

  • Explore how immersive training enhances safety and performance metrics
  • Compare traditional and simulation training outcomes
  • Discover the real dollars and cents return on investment in simulation training by using an exclusive ROI calculation that we're making available to webinar attendees
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