The Best Breathable Boxer Briefs for Working Construction


The right boxer briefs can make a huge difference at construction sites, especially with the summer season in full swing.

A stretchy, breathable pair can keep you comfortable in rugged conditions for long periods of time, allowing you to do your job safely without sacrificing performance. Your very first layer of clothing—boxer briefs—must as flexible and soft as possible. As you search for your next boxer brief purchase, consider the following options. 

Calvin Klein Ultra-Soft Modal Boxer Briefs

 Available in various colors—from black, to blur shadow, to grey heather—these briefs feature a modal stretch blend, leading to a soft, smooth fit as you fulfill a variety of job duties in various types of weather conditions. Offering supportive, contoured pouches as well, the briefs are comprised of 90% modal and 10% elastane, whereas their elastic waistbands consist of 64% nylon, 25% polyester and 11% elastane. Known by style number 61901797, the briefs have comfortable straight legs too, which is important as you move around on the job. Also available in six sizes, ranging from XS to XXL, the briefs have been created with nearly everyone in mind, ensuring construction workers of all shapes and sizes have the soft, smooth fits they need.

Price: $15.33 - $40.00 Amazon

David Archy Bamboo Rayon Breathable Air Boxer Briefs

Comprised of bamboo rayon, these breathable briefs have distinct pore structures, leading to more air permeability and, in turn, constant temperatures so that you’ll stay dry and comfortable, even as you work in the sun all day long. Very soft, the modal briefs don’t use any stitch whatsoever and, in turn, they don’t have any friction. Furthermore, they have highly elastic, soft waistbands, so you won’t have any pressure or tightness when you wear them. Featuring four-needle, six-thread technology too, which enable their stitching to be threadless, the briefs will offer you yet another component to further decrease any friction and pressure on your skin. Of equal importance, the briefs also have extended pouches, leading to even more comfort.

Price: $28.99 - $34.99 Amazon

ExOffico Men’s Give-N-Go 2.0 Boxer Briefs

Offered in nine colors, such as black, navy, steel onyx and steel blue, these briefs are highly breathable, as they have mesh fabric that provides airflow, ensuring you remain cool during very hot days. Comprised of durable synthetic fabric, the briefs not only dry quickly, but also have anti-microbial and anti-odor treatment, helping you feel fresh even if you have long work shifts. Consisting of 89% nylon and 11% elastane, the briefs—available in five sizes, from small to 2XL—have wide and comfortable waistbands too, which always retain their shapes. In addition, they feature flatlock seams that will reduce the potential for chafing considerably, again ensuring you can work in very hot weather.

Price: $16.85 - $46.00 Amazon

FITEXTREME Men’s Separate Pouch Breathable Performance Boxer Briefs

Provided in five sizes (small to XXL), these briefs, comprised of 92% polyester and 8% polyurethane, have highly elastic and stretchable bands, along with four-way stretch spans, enabling you to have a high amount of freedom, in regards to movement. In turn, they also fit nearly every body type. Additionally, due to their design, the briefs have high airflows, while also allowing moisture to be quickly evaporated. Consisting of MaxCool performance fabric, the briefs are very breathable too, ensuring you’ll remain fresh throughout your shift, even as temperatures continue to rise. And they have mesh structures on their front pouches and internal components, as well as stitch lines that eliminate humidity and stickiness.

Price: $25.95 - $37.95 Amazon

UnderGents Men’s 4.5-inch Boxer Briefs

Developed to ensure high moveability, these briefs will help you avoid the tightness you often feel with other boxer briefs. Able to remain in place without any constriction, the briefs are comprised of Cloudsoft fabric, as they have a unique micro-modal blend too (95% micro-modal and 5% spandex), leading to high softness on your skin, as well as the ability to wick moisture, thereby enabling comfort all day long. Cooler and softer than briefs consisting of cotton and polyester, the briefs have moisture-wicking, tagless waistbands, thus reducing the potential for itchiness significantly. Featuring five-inch-long legs, the briefs also have seams that completely remove any potential for chafing and irritation.

Price: $51.99 - $79.99 Amazon

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