Upgrade Your Construction Beanie with These Products


With the exceptionally cold temperatures and high winds that affected most of the United States recently, it drives home the point that a beanie can play a key role in winter construction work to help keep the head, ears and neck protected against winter temperatures and wind.

High-visibility and Fireproof Beanies

Extra value is added with options that include high-visibility and fireproof beanies that add the extra safety benefit. For example, the Pyramex Knit Cap with Reflective Strip is a 100 percent acrylic beanie for men and women that can be worn under a hard hat and features a full circle stripe around it for increased visibility. The OccuNomix Two-Tone Reflective Beanie is a multi-purpose rib knit material hat for men and women to protect against the cold and is designed with high-visibility color options and a band of reflective material for safety. Elongated fabric helps shield the ears from the cold air.

The double layer OccuNomix Multi-Banded Reflective Beanie Rib Knit for men and women provides 360-degree ear and forehead coverage and is made of brushed anti-pilling fleece. The OccuNomix flame resistant beanie cap is made from a flame resistant Nomex fiber threading and features an 8.75-oz. Nomex rib knit design. The beanie meets ASTM F1506 and NFPA 70E/CAT=2 standards and is flame resistant for the life of the garment. It has a double layer of 7.8 Cal/Cm2 ATPV rated knit and is designed to wear comfortably under hard hats or by itself to keep head and ears warm and protected.

Insulated Beanies

Blaklader offers four beanies: a reflective beanie, a high-visibility beanie, a fire-resistant beanie and a hardware wool beanie that can be worn under a helmet. The Duluth Trading Company offers a wide variety of beanies for men and women, including high-visibility and insulating beanies. Carhartt’s knit hats incorporate FastDry technology designed to wick away sweat and keep a worker dry, such as with the Work Flex Ear Flap Cap. It is manufactured with ear flaps that can tuck away inside the cap or be worn down for protection against the elements.

Carhartt’s Fleece 2-In-1 Hat is a polyester fleece headgear providing a pull-down face mask that can be worn with the mask tucked inside or as a hat and mask for maximum warmth and protection. It is made of polyester fleece.

In Carhartt’s line-up for women’s workwear hats, the company offers beanies with sherpa fleece lining, among others.

Some companies in addition to Carhartt offer winter headgear with extra protection, such as two options from Dickies that take warmth a step further. The FLEX Fleece Balaclava is constructed with polyester fleece with a slight FLEX fabrication and moisture wicking technology. It is a full head and face covering that extends below the neckline and is designed to fit comfortably under a helmet for maximum warmth and comfort. It is made to be adaptable to changing working conditions by enabling its wearer to pull the face covering below the chin as needed.

The FLEX Fleece Hat with Mask has a 2-in-1 design featuring a 100 percent polyester fleece hat with an attached mask equipped with Dickies FLEX fabric for ultimate comfort and an optimal fit in frigid conditions. The mask can be tucked into the hat when work doesn’t require the additional protection.

Construction Beanies for Women

While some beanies are for men and some are unisex, many companies are now answering the need for women in construction to have headgear designed to fit them. An article in Worldzfeed makes the point that hat sizing is important and there is a differentiation between male and female heads, thus driving the need for women workers to have options suitable for them.

The average head circumference measured above the ears depends on age, genetics, height and head shape. People who are significantly taller tend to have more bone mass which supports more muscle tissue, leading to a bigger head size. The average male head size is between 22.5-in. and 24.2-in. in circumference. The average female head size is between 21.5-in. and 22.7-in. in circumference. The article presents information on how to measure head circumference and how to choose a hat according to size for both women and men.

Don't stop at beanies; your feet need to stay warm too. Complete your construction workwear gear for the winter season with thick wool socks!

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