Carhartt Work Pants for Comfort and Warmth on Construction Sites

To remain comfortable and warm this winter, Carhartt offers various heavy-duty pants and jeans for outdoor worksites.


Since its founding in 1889, Carhartt has been providing blue collar workers a variety of work pants and jeans that help them remain warm and comfortable on their job sites. As the company celebrates its 134th anniversary, its commitment to construction workers’ comfort and warmth remains as fervent as ever before, as it continues to release several work pant and jean offerings to the general public.

Whether they’re flannel-, fleece- or quilted-lined, the company’s pants and jeans have something to offer to everyone, regardless of your fit preferences (loose, relaxed or straight) or fabric composition choices (canvas, duck, ripstop, twill or washed duck). You’ll find exactly what you need—and you’ll be comfortable and warm while doing so.

Why Buy Carhartt Work Pants?

Aside from comfort and warmth, Carhartt work pants and jeans provide an assortment of other benefits, depending on which ones you purchase. Some offer “double knees” (two layers of fabric from their knees to their thighs) that are vital for workers that notice wear and tear in their knees and thighs from excessive kneeling. Other pants and jeans provide cell phone pockets and utility pockets, leading to additional storage for your accessories and tools, which is especially critical if you need to conduct an array of tasks on a regular basis.

Some will also provide hammer loops; since hammers are among the most frequently utilized tools on construction sites, these loops are crucial for many professionals. Additionally, most pants and jeans feature some type of lining, enabling them to be worn in cold weather for extensive amounts of time.

As winter continues to persist throughout much of the U.S., consider purchasing the following Carhartt work pants and jeans, in order to maintain your warmth and comfort as temperatures remain low.

1. Carhartt Duck Flannel-lined Utility Work Pants

carhartt work pants

Carhartt Duck Flannel-lined Utility Work Pants.

Available in four colors—brown, black, gravel and moss—these pants are comprised of 12-ounce, 100% ring-spun, cotton washed duck. Featuring 100% cotton flannel lining as well, the utility work pants can, in turn, be worn in very cold temperatures. Aside from its flannel lining, the pants have 19-inch leg openings too, which enable them to be worn comfortably over your work boots. Consequently, any potential of gaps between your pants and boots is eliminated, ensuring your feet and ankles remain warm as you work during the peak of winter. Able to sit comfortably above your waist, the pants also have several pockets for tool storage.

Best Features: 100% cotton flannel lining; 19-inch leg openings

Price: $49.99 - $88.87 – Buy Carhartt work pants on

2. Carhartt Men’s Flame-resistant, Quilt-lined Canvas Jeans

carhartt work pants

Carhartt Men’s Flame-resistant, Quilt-lined Canvas Jeans.

Comprised of 8.5-ounce, flame-resistant canvas, these jeans also feature 6.75-ounce, flame-resistant quilt lining, enabling them to be worn on cold days. Offering a combination of 88% cotton and 12% high-tenacity nylon, the jeans can be comfortably placed slightly below your waist. Highly durable, due to their triple-stitched main seams, the machine washable jeans will protect you from various hazards too, as a result of their NFPA 70E compliance. In addition, they provide chap-style, double-front panels, along with reinforced back pockets. Meanwhile, their leg openings have self-fabric kick panels, while their ankle-to-thigh brass zippers feature Nomex zipper tape, leading to further comfort and durability.

Best Features: Flame-resistant quilt lining; triple-stitched main seams

Price: $179.95 - $199.99 – Buy Carhartt work pants on

3. Carhartt Men’s Flannel-lined Jeans

carhartt work pants

Carhartt Men’s Flannel-lined Jeans.

Developed particularly for cold weather, these jeans feature a soft flannel lining that ensures you remain comfortable throughout your shifts, regardless of the conditions you work in. Offering a straight leg opening, the jeans provide you considerable room to move as well, enabling you to bend and stretch effortlessly as you conduct your work tasks. Comprised of 100% cotton, the highly robust jeans can also be machine washed regularly. Created for long-term usage, the jeans can withstand practically any wear and tear they may endure on construction sites. Furthermore, they offer various storage options, as they have numerous back and front pockets too.

Best Features: 100% cotton composition for comfort; soft flannel lining

Price: $54.99 - $59.99 – Buy Carhartt work pants on

4. Carhartt Men’s Fleece-lined Jeans

carhartt work pants

Carhartt Men’s Fleece-lined Jeans.

Designed with Rugged Flex stretch technology, these jeans enable you to move freely and comfortably as you complete your various job tasks. In addition to this technology, the jeans are also comprised of 85% cotton, 14% polyester and 1% spandex, resulting in further flexibility. Completely fleece-lined, the jeans are not only flexible, but warm too, as they can be worn throughout the winter. Machine washable, the jeans have straight leg openings as well, ensuring you can easily place them over your winter boots. And they have very comfortable fits throughout their midsections, further increasing your ability to move freely on your construction site.

Best Features: Fleece lining for warmth; Rugged Flex stretch technology

Price: $59.99 – Buy Carhartt work pants on

5. Carhartt Men’s Insulated Shoreline Pants

carhartt work pants

Carhartt Men’s Insulated Shoreline Pants.

Due to their insulation, these pants can be worn in virtually any weather condition, whether it’s raining, sleeting or snowing. Comprised of 100% nylon, the machine washable pants are guaranteed to provide you warmth, even in the peak of winter. Highly breathable, the pants also have fully taped waterproof seams, ensuring you’ll remain dry on the job as well. For further warmth and comfort, the pants have hand-warmer pockets too. And they feature ankle-to-knee zippers that have a storm flap, leading to more protection from the elements. Also offering an adjustable, partial elastic waistband, the jeans can be worn by a wide array of construction professionals.

Best Features: Adjustable, partial elastic waistband; fully taped waterproof seams

Price: $97.99 - $148.66 – Buy Carhartt work pants on


Things to Know about Carhartt Work Pants

What exactly is Rugged Flex technology?

Featured in some Carhartt work pants and jeans, this technology is comprised of cotton, along with a minimal amount of spandex canvas. As a result, it allows the pants and jeans to stretch, resulting in high comfort and flexibility. 

Which linings are the most ideal?

It really depends on your personal preference. Whether you choose to purchase flannel-, fleece- or quilted-lined pants and jeans, you’ll be warm and comfortable throughout the winter.

Aside from warmth and comfort, what else should I look for as I purchase Carhartt work pants and jeans?

Several storage options, via pockets, are essential. Look for pants and jeans that have back, front and side pockets.

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