What are Your Best Options for Automotive Workwear?


Comfort. Durability. Protection.

As an automotive shop professional seeking out new workwear, these three characteristics will likely be the most vital for you. After all, you generally work on your feet for long periods of time, so you must be as comfortable as possible. Simply put, if you’re not comfortable, you won’t be able to perform to the best of your ability.

Additionally, your workwear must be durable, as you’ll be encountering various work conditions on a daily basis, which will lead to wear and tear—if you don’t purchase the correct workwear, that is. And, at the same time, you must be protected from virtually any type of hazard, including electric shocks, flames, heat and ultraviolet light.

Why Buy Automotive Workwear?

With suitable automotive workwear, you’ll be comfortable throughout your entire shift, regardless of how often you have to bend over, lay on your back, lift and carry automotive parts, and extend your arms to complete a task. Workwear comprised of cotton and polyester is the most ideal, as it’s typically very flexible and soft.

Robustness is key too. If your automotive workwear is comprised of durable components, it can withstand practically anything you encounter in your shop and, in turn, be used for several months or years. Alongside its durability, automotive workwear also offers you protection from several types of hazards, which you may ultimately encounter on the job.

The more protected you are, the more likely you’ll avoid the health risks that are often linked to automotive shops. Downtime will diminish, while your long-term earnings will potentially rise. To ensure you’re as protected as possible, consider purchasing workwear that protects you from flames, fluids and heat, above all else.

The following five automotive workwear options will not only protect you, but also offer the two other characteristics—again, comfort and durability—that are critical on your shop floors.

1. Caterpillar Work Pants

automotive workwear

Caterpillar Work Pants.

Offered in 13 colors, such as army moss, black, navy and olive, these pants are comprised of cotton-polyester canvas fabric. In addition, they have 900D oxford panels that ensure durability, as they’re protected from the wear and tear that’s associated with automotive shops. Featuring articulated knees that enable you to easily bend, kneel and reach, the pants also have knee pad pockets that provide protection whenever you work on the ground. Furthermore, they have 20-in. openings for your boots, along with waistbands that have gripper tape, thereby guaranteeing that your shirt remains in place as you work. Various loops and pockets are offered for tool storage too.

Best Features: Articulated knees; knee pad pockets

Price: $39.43 - $84.99 – Buy automotive workwear on Amazon.com

2. CQR Men’s Long-sleeve, Zip-front Coveralls

automotive workwear

CQR Men’s Long-sleeve, Zip-front Coveralls.

Also provided in 13 colors, including black, brown, dark navy and grey, these coveralls feature a blend of wrinkle-free cotton and polyester fabric that ensures breathability and comfort. Additionally, due to their twill materials, which are dirt, fade and stain resistant, the coveralls can be easily maintained for long durations. Lightweight, yet also highly durable and opaque, the dustproof coveralls are water repellent too. Offering UV protection, the coveralls will ensure you’ll remain safe as you conduct a variety of tasks in your shop. And, due to their pockets and loop and pen slots, you’ll be able to store an array of tools as well.

Best Features: Stain resistance; wrinkle-free fabric

Price: $51.98 – Buy automotive workwear on Amazon.com

3. Dickies Men’s Short-sleeve Coveralls

automotive workwear

Dickies Men’s Short-sleeve Coveralls.

Comprised of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these durable, lightweight coveralls will ensure you’re comfortable throughout your entire shift. Offered in eight colors, ranging from black and dark navy, to gray and moss green, the coveralls also have various pockets for storage, including a left pocket, chest pockets and large back pockets. Furthermore, the coveralls have elastic-waist insets that can expand, leading to further comfort. Wrinkle resistant, the coveralls are protected from spills too, due to their stain release technology. As a result of their designs, they will also fit well in your chest and shoulders, which is critical as you lift and carry automotive parts.

Best Features: Expandable elastic-waist insets; stain release technology

Price: $37.95 - $75.39 – Buy automotive workwear on Amazon.com

4. MAGID Standard Coveralls

automotive workwear

MAGID Standard Coveralls.

Flame resistant, these coveralls are comprised of 100% cotton twill fabric. NFPA 70E compliant, the coveralls have been created, in particular, to protect you from Arc flash hazards. Aside from this high level of protection, the coveralls also provide you high comfortability and durability. After all, each coverall features a concealed, two-way zipper front with a snap, leading to comfortable and secure fits. And, due to their flame-resistant fabric, they’ll endure electric shocks, flames, heat and ultraviolet light, resulting in long-term usage. Available in three colors—khaki, navy and orange—and seven sizes, ranging from small to 5X-large, the coveralls also have six pockets for tool storage.

Best Features: Concealed, two-way zipper front; flame-resistant fabric

Price: $71.04 – Buy on automotive workwear Amazon.com

5. Red Kap Men’s Short-sleeve, Performance Plus Shop Shirt with Oilblok Technology

automotive workwear

Red Kap Men’s Short-sleeve, Performance Plus Shop Shirt with Oilblok Technology.

Available in 10 color combinations, this shirt is comprised of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, leading to high comfort and breathability as you work in your shop. Stain resistant, due to its Touchtex technology, the shirt also has mesh flex panels, along with underarm mesh gussets, which enable you to have an enhanced range of motion as you conduct your various work tasks. Up to 75% stronger than conventional poplin workwear that’s on the market, despite its light weight, the shirt offers Oilblok technology as well. Consequently, it can repel several automotive fluids, including those that are considered the most severe, such as oil and transmission fluids.

Best Features: Oilblok technology repels fluids; Touchtex technology enables stain resistance

Price: $18.27 - $62.46 – Buy automotive workwear on Amazon.com

Other Options to Consider

Things to Know about Automotive Workwear

How should I wash my automotive workwear?

Consider using the “delicates” cycle with a mild laundry detergent to ensure your workwear maintains its durability on a long-term basis. Don’t ever use bleach or fabric softener.

What if my automotive workwear doesn’t have stain resistance? How can I clean it?

Although workwear with stain resistance is the most ideal, perhaps you weren’t able to purchase that option for various reasons. Baking soda, dish soap or soda water should remove most stains though.

Which compliances are the most important?

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) compliance is significant, with regards to fire safety. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards should be considered as well, as they also ensure protection.

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