Top 5 Logger Boots for Forestry Work and Land Clearing


As a professional that conducts forestry and land clearing job tasks, you know how significant safety is. After all, a majority of these tasks are completed in areas that are relatively far away from hospitals and medical facilities. One wrong move, along with ineffective gear, and you could encounter a potentially serious or even life-threatening injury.

With this in mind, when you seek out your next pair of logger boots, safety must be the first and foremost characteristic you consider. If boots are designed with your safety as the top priority—whether they protect you from electrical hazards, feature insulation that guards you from harsh weather, or have robust designs that minimize cracking, leading to a decline in potential falls—they should be among your primary choices.

Why Buy Logger Boots?

Aside from their safety offerings, logger boots also provide high comfortability, whether they have moisture wick lining that ensures breathability and dryness, no matter how much rain, snow or heat you encounter.

For further comfort, they generally also offer spacious toe boxes in case your feet begin to swell after your long shifts. Therefore, any likelihood of foot cramps will diminish considerably. And they may have kilties, which are small strips of leather that are placed underneath their laced areas, thereby preventing any type of small debris from entering them, resulting in a reduction in foot injuries.

At the same time, logger boots are usually highly durable too. Often comprised of leather, the boots are designed for endurance, as you should be able to wear them for long durations of time, even as you conduct challenging tasks in extreme conditions.

To acquire these three key aspects—safety, comfort and durability—consider the following five logger boots, as you prepare for your next footwear purchase.

1. Carhartt Men’s CML8369 Logger Boots

logger boots

Carhartt Men’s CML8369 Logger Boots.

Comprised of 100% leather, these boots also feature rubber soles, along with 7-inch-high shafts. Offering breathable, waterproof protection, known as Storm Defender, that ensures your feet remain entirely dry, irrespective of the conditions you work in, the boots have safety toes as well, which meet ASTM F2413-18 standards. In addition, the chemical-, oil- and slip-resistant boots have a heel stabilizer feature that will enable your ankles and heels to remain protected throughout your shifts. Featuring 400-gram 3M Thinsulate insulation, the boots are, in turn, able to trap any air molecules that are formed between you and the outdoor environment you’re working in, leading to long-term warmth.

Best Features: 3M Thinsulate insulation; Storm Defender waterproof protection

Price: $157.92 - $199.99 – Buy logger boots on

2. Carolina Boots Men’s CA7022 Logger Boots

logger boots

Carolina Boots Men’s CA7022 Logger Boots.

Offered in 15 sizes, ranging from 8 to 14, the boots feature leather exteriors and rubber soles, resulting in high comfort. For further comfortability, they also have removable AG7 polyurethane footbeds that will cushion your feet. Furthermore, they have 100% waterproof Scubaliner membranes that will ensure your feet remain dry as you work on wet surfaces. And, of equal importance, the electrical hazard-rated boots also have a Goodyear Welt Construction. Consequently, you’ll be able to replace your soles whenever they wear out. Not to mention, the boots, which also have linings, soles and uppers that are completely stitched together, will have long lifespans.

Best Features: 100% waterproof Scubaliner membranes; Goodyear Welt Construction

Price: $229.97 - $243.52 – Buy logger boots on

3. Georgia Boot Men’s G7313 Logger Boots

logger boots

Georgia Boot Men’s G7313 Logger Boots.

Eight inches high, these boots, which are comprised of 100% leather, also feature abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles. Completely waterproof, the boots have lace-up closures and protective steel toes as well. Offered in only one color (brown), the boots provide several options regarding sizes though, as they range from 7 to 15 wide. To ensure your satisfaction, the boots have a 1-year, limited warranty for normal usage too. The warranty can be utilized for any manufacturing or material faults that are noticed. It also covers the boots’ Gore-Tex liners against leakage for up to 1 year, as each boot is guaranteed to be waterproof for at least 6 months.

Best Features: 1-year, limited warranty; Gore-Tex liners

Price: $126.76 - $169.00 – Buy logger boots on

4. Irish Setter Work Men’s 83834 Logger Boots

logger boots

Irish Setter Work Men’s 83834 Logger Boots.

Available in two colors, black and brown, the boots are offered in 20 sizes, ranging from 8 to 15. Comprised of 100% full-grain leather, the boots, which have 8-inch-high shafts, also feature heat-resistant, rubber outsoles. Providing steel toes as well, the boots not only offer you protection from electrical hazards, but feature various technologies too. For starters, they have GORE-TEX and Ultra Dry waterproofing that ensures you’ll remain dry at all times, regardless of how wet your boots become as you conduct your forestry and land clearing tasks. In addition, they have Thinsulate Ultra insulation, yet another offering that guarantees you’ll be comfortable throughout your shifts.

Best Features: GORE-TEX and Ultra Dry waterproofing; Thinsulate Ultra insulation

Price: $154.99 - $164.95 – Buy logger boots on

5. Thorogood Men’s Logger Series Work Boots

logger boots

Thorogood Men’s Logger Series Work Boots.

Provided in 17 sizes, ranging from 8 to 14 extra-wide, these highly durable boots feature Vibram heel outsoles that have deep lugs and reinforced tip stitches. As a result, they’ll absorb any impacts as you work on challenging terrain. Additionally, they meet ASTM F3445-21 Slip Test Standards. Featuring Vibram midsoles as well, which also absorb impacts, the full-grain leather, steel toe boots are waterproof too. Offering footbeds with shock absorption, the boots will ensure you remain comfortable, dry and safe throughout your shifts. Electrical hazard resistant, the boots can also withstand an application of 18,000 volts at 60 Hz for 1 minute.

Best Features: Electrical hazard resistance; Vibram midsoles and outsoles

Price: $374.95 – Buy logger boots on

Things to Know about Logger Boots

Should my logger boots fit tightly, or should they be loose?

As is the case with most boots, the answer lies somewhere in the middle: they shouldn’t be too loose or too tight. Regardless of your preference, you’ll have the correct fit, as you can utilize your logger boots’ laces to adjust their size, according to your foot’s specific shape.

Will my logger boots stretch at all?

Due to their leather composition, the boots will stretch if you’d like them to. Consider utilizing a boot stretcher, a boot stretching spray or rubbing alcohol.

Which type of construction is the most ideal?

Consider purchasing logger boots that have double welting construction, as you’ll likely be able to use them on a long-term basis, due to their durability. Furthermore, since they’ll probably never have cracks, you’ll be able to wear them on even the most uneven terrain.

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