These High Visibility Jacket Products Improve Jobsite Safety

A high visibility jacket will enable you to remain safe, warm and comfortable as you work in low light conditions on construction sites.


As a construction worker, you know firsthand just how dangerous your job can be, especially if you work at night or in low light conditions. Virtually anything can happen (and, at times, does happen).

To ensure you remain safe as you work during the evening or at night, while also being comfortable and warm as temperatures are low, you should consider purchasing a high-visibility jacket. While reviewing your options to select the jacket that’s most ideal for you, focus on those that offer the most benefits, thereby guaranteeing you’re not only safe, but as comfortable as possible throughout your entire shift.

Why Buy High Visibility Jacket?

First, the proper high-visibility jacket will be easily recognized by drivers, which diminishes the odds of employee injuries considerably. Additionally, they’ll help your fellow colleagues see you in harsh weather environments, from downpours to white-out blizzards. As a result, accidents, associated with on-the-job equipment, will decline significantly.

Not to mention, your jacket will also enable you to be seen by emergency personnel if accidents—whether they’re associated with health issues or due to humans or Mother Nature—do occur. Furthermore, since high-visibility jackets are typically American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-approved, you’ll purchase one of the safest offerings on the market.

And since a variety of high-visibility jackets are available, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, including the following five, which especially stand out to IronPros, as they provide safety, comfort and warmth, among other characteristics.

1. Carhartt Men’s High-visibility Sherwood Jacket

high visibility jacket

Carhartt Men’s High-visibility Sherwood Jacket.

Offered in seven sizes, ranging from small to 4 extra-large (big and tall), this machine washable jacket is comprised of 250-denier, 100% polyester. Featuring a water-repellent finish and a waterproof membrane, the high-visibility jacket—available in one color, brite lime—also has a brushed polyester mesh lining. Featuring a stain release that will help you successfully remove or, at minimum, reduce stains, the jacket has a left-chest pocket with a waterproof zipper closure. In addition, it features a right-chest pocket with a flap, along with two front utility bands at its shoulder level. Providing fully taped waterproof seams, the jacket meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 standards, too.

Best Features: Stain release; water-repellent finish

Price: $169.99 - $174.99 – Buy high visibility jacket on

2. Ergodyne GloWear High-visibility Winter Bomber Jacket

high visibility jacket

Ergodyne GloWear High-visibility Winter Bomber Jacket.

Available in eight sizes, ranging from small to 5 extra-large, and three colors (black, lime and orange), this high-visibility jacket is wind and water resistant. After all, it has a 300D oxford polyester outer shell, along with a PU coating, leading to high comfortability and dryness. And to ensure you remain warm all winter long, the jacket also has 160-gram quilted, thermal insulation. Featuring a variety of pockets, including a cell phone chest pocket, a dual slot pen pocket and two lower front pockets, the jacket has 2-inch-wide black reflective tape as well, resulting in high visibility as you work at night or in low light.

Best Features: PU coating; quilted, thermal insulation

Price: $34.99 – Buy high visibility jacket on

3. Hilivistec High-visibility Reflective Bomber Jacket

high visibility jacket

Hilivistec High-visibility Reflective Bomber Jacket.

ANSI/ISEA 107 2020 compliant, this high-visibility jacket is reflective and visible at 300 yards, as it can even be seen clearly in poor light. Comprised of 300D oxford cloth, high-quality cotton and fleece lining, the jacket will also ensure you remain dry and warm as the snow continues to fall this winter. And, to provide further dryness and warmth, the jacket is waterproof and windproof as well. Tear resistant, the highly durable jacket, which has a high bearing capacity and a high impact resistance, is resistant to oil stains too, enabling it to be worn in practically any type of work environment.

Best Features: Oil stain resistance; stain resistance

Price: $50.99 - $52.99 – Buy high visibility jacket on

4. New York High-visibility WJ9011/12 Bomber Safety Jacket

high visibility jacket

New York High-visibility WJ9011/12 Bomber Safety Jacket.

Providing ANSI Class 3 compliance, this jacket also meets ANSI/ISEA:107-2015 standards. Featuring a 2-inch-wide reflective taping on its front, back and arms, the jacket is 100% waterproof too, ensuring you’ll not only remain safe on the job, but dry and comfortable as well. Available in two colors, lime and orange, the jacket also provides eight sizes to choose from, ranging from small to 5 extra-large. Offering a snap-off, adjustable hood, the jacket has molded, adjustable cuffs too, which feature hook and loop closures. Furthermore, the jacket, which has a 3000G/M² breathability rating, along with an 8000MM waterproof rating, provides you various pocket options as well.

Best Features: 100% waterproof; snap-off, adjustable hood

Price: $42.65 - $167.24 – Buy high visibility jacket on

5. Pioneer High-visibility V1130460U Safety Bomber Jacket

high visibility jacket

Pioneer High-visibility V1130460U Safety Bomber Jacket.

Developed to meet ANSI/ISEA 107-15 Class 3 Type P & R requirements, this high-visibility jacket can be worn in very dangerous areas, including those with low visibility. Offered in two colors (black and yellow) and seven sizes (small to 4 extra-large), the jacket has a 100% waterproof, windproof PU-coated polyester shell. Featuring Silver StarTech reflective tape, leading to its high visibility, the jacket also has a detachable snap hood with a concealed pouch. Providing a removable fleece liner, the jacket has several pockets too, along with elastic ribbed wrist cuffs. And you can use it for either rain or snow work gear, depending on your specific needs.

Best Features: Silver StarTech reflective tape; waterproof, windproof PU-coated polyester shell

Price: $44.98 - $57.26 – Buy high visibility jacket on

Things to Know about a High Visibility Jacket

How long will I be able to use my high visibility jacket?

It truly depends on how you maintain it. If you maintain your jacket properly—generally by cleaning it, via machine wash and tumble dry—you can utilize it for years.

Which color is the most ideal for a high visibility jacket?

Lime green and orange tend to the most popular choices. And they’re consistently reliable, as they’ll remain highly visible as long as you maintain your jacket properly.

Aside from their colors, which other safety offerings do high visibility jackets provide?

Some jackets will have flame resistance, while others will protect you (and your jacket) from oil spills. Waterproof and windproof features are also critical.

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