Top 5 Waterproof Pants for Dryness and Comfort


Let’s face it. As a construction worker, there’s nothing much worse than being wet and uncomfortable on the job for hours at a time—with no relief in sight.

Waterproof jackets are often discussed as a primary means to combat cold, wet weather. But what about pants? Are there any options you can purchase to ensure the lower half of your body remains as dry and comfortable as possible, despite Mother Nature?

Why Buy Waterproof Pants?

There is no doubt about it. Waterproof pants are a necessity for construction workers, particularly those that work outdoors in cold, wet and windy conditions for hours on end. Thankfully, numerous choices are available, which have been designed for nearly every body type. And, more often than not, the pants will offer sun protection and wind resistance too, guarding you from practically any element you may encounter during your workday.

Aside from wind resistance, sun protection and size options, you should also consider the breathability of the waterproof pants you purchase. If they aren’t breathable, in addition to being dry and comfortable, you simply won’t be able to maintain your comfort throughout your entire shift, especially as you move from one job task to another.

Flexibility must be considered as well, via your pants’ compositions, articulated knees and elastic waistbands. In doing so, you’ll not only remain dry on your worksite, but you’ll also be able to effortlessly conduct your job tasks. Finally, don’t underestimate the necessity of storage. When it’s raining outside, you’ll want to know exactly where your tools are, and you’ll need pants that feature pockets you can easily find.

With each of these benefits in mind, consider the following waterproof pants, as they’ll not only help you remain dry for several hours, but provide you a variety of other positive attributes, too.

1. AREOUTS Men’s Water-resistant Work Pants

waterproof pants

AREOUTS Men’s Water-resistant Work Pants.

Available in five sizes (ranging from small to XX-large) and seven colors, these pants are comprised of lightweight, waterproof ripstop nylon (88% of the pants’ composition). Additionally, they have high stretch fabric, as they’re also comprised of spandex, enabling you to remain comfortable and flexible throughout your shift. Aside from their water resistance, the pants feature UPF 50+ sun protection fabric as well, which blocks UV rays, ensuring you are protected in the sun, too. Furthermore, the pants have six large cargo pockets, resulting in various storage options. And they offer an articulated knee construction, leading to further flexibility as you move on your worksite.

Best Features: UPF 50+ sun protection; waterproof ripstop nylon

Price: $34.99 - $36.99Buy waterproof pants on

2. Carhartt Men’s Shoreline Waterproof Work Utility Pants

waterproof pants

Carhartt Men’s Shoreline Waterproof Work Utility Pants.

Provided in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to 6-extra-large, these machine washable pants are comprised of 100% nylon. Waterproof and wind resistant, the pants are also highly breathable, due to their nylon composition. As a result, you’ll remain very comfortable throughout your shift, regardless of the weather or your work conditions. Featuring a polyester mesh lining, starting with their knees, all the way down to their bottoms, the pants, in turn, will maintain their warmth during the winter months. In addition, they have full-leg, two-way zippers, along with a “double-front” that features bottoms, which enable you to wear knee pads if you prefer.

Best Features: “Double-front” allows users to wear knee pads; full-leg, two-way zippers

Price: $99.60 – Buy waterproof pants on

3. CQR Men’s Ripstop, Water-resistant Tactical Pants

waterproof pants

CQR Men’s Ripstop, Water-resistant Tactical Pants.

Comprised of polyester (63%), cotton (34%) and elastane (3%), these pants are available in 26 sizes and 17 colors. Dustproof and waterproof, the pants feature Dura-Flex fabric, resulting in high durability and flexibility, along with stain resistance. For additional comfort as you move around on your worksite, the water repellant pants also have a side-action waistband that ensures they will fit securely, while supporting your active movements, too. Furthermore, they have eight pockets that can be utilized for various purposes, as you store your equipment and tools. The pockets feature Velcro as well, enabling you to easily use them as you wear gloves.

Best Features: Dura-Flex fabric; Velcro pockets

Price: $46.98 – Buy waterproof pants on

4. Kuseeker Men’s Waterproof Work Pants

waterproof pants

Kuseeker Men’s Waterproof Work Pants.

Offered in four colors and five sizes, these water-resistant pants are highly breathable and flexible, as they feature a four-way, flexible fabric. Lightweight as well, the pants, which are comprised of 86% nylon and 14% spandex, provide two-way air circulation, too. Wrinkle free, the highly durable pants also have articulated knees, along with a streamlined fit, allowing a wide range of construction workers to wear them. Featuring an elastic waistband that matches the belt that’s included with them, the pants, in turn, are able to fit tightly. Yet, at the same time, they also enable you to have a high level of freedom, concerning your on-the-job movements.

Best Features: Four-way, flexible fabric; two-way air circulation

Price: $29.99 – Buy waterproof pants on

5. Pudolla Men’s Waterproof Work Pants

waterproof pants

Pudolla Men’s Waterproof Work Pants.

Aside from their water resistance, these pants also offer you UPF50+ protection, enabling you to wear them in any weather condition, from cold, rainy days to warm, dry spells. Available in 14 colors, along with five sizes, ranging from small to XX-large, the durable, moisture wicking pants are comprised of nylon (88%) and spandex (12%). Highly breathable and flexible, due to their stretch fabric, the pants allow you to conduct a variety of job tasks effortlessly as well, whether you need to bend or stretch. Featuring an elastic waist with a 2-inch belt loop, the pants will enable you to have a personalized fit, too.

Best Features: Elastic waist; UPF50+ protection

Price: $31.99 – Buy waterproof pants on

Things to Know about Waterproof Pants

Which waterproof ratings should I consider as I purchase pants?

If pants have a waterproof rating of 5,000 mm or less, they will either have no resistance to water or some resistance to it. Ratings of 6,000 to 10,000 mm will typically ensure your pants are waterproof under light pressure. From there, the higher the rating, the higher the likelihood that they’ll remain waterproof under higher and higher pressure, including weather events like tropical storms and hurricanes.

Are there certain fabrics that are more waterproof than others?

Not necessarily. Some waterproof pants are comprised of 100% nylon, while others are comprised of cotton, nylon, polyester and spandex, among other components. It really comes down to the pants’ manufacturers—the technologies they utilize and how well built their offerings are.

Which characteristics are the most vital as I purchase waterproof pants?

Aside from water resistance, pants should offer you high breathability and wind resistance. If your pants are highly breathable, water resistant and wind resistant, you’ll likely be comfortable in nearly any weather condition.

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