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Truewerk founder Brian Ciciora knows the apparel needs of the construction trade. Before he founded the brand in 2015, Ciciora built homes in the Colorado mountains.

Ciciora says he realized cotton canvas and duck cloth – traditional workwear fabrics used since the Industrial Revolution which he considered restrictive – didn’t cut it for modern work, especially in inclement weather, notes Kaylie Luedke, Truewerk brand marketing manager.

“In the 1800s, workwear was the most high-performing garment in the United States, but the industry hasn’t kept up with advancements in fabric technology since. It’s our mission to once again make workwear the gold standard in apparel performance,” says Ciciora.

Launching the Truewerk Brand

On a trip to Europe, Brian noticed trade workers in garments that more resembled what he wore skiing and mountain climbing. He thought trade professionals in the U.S. also could benefit from the emerging clothing technology in outdoor apparel.

Ciciora has built a brand offering options created with trade professionals' comfort, protection, and ability to perform in mind.

“Our workwear caters to the everyday needs of any trade and any climate, from framers and plumbers to oil and gas workers, or even search and rescue,” Luedke notes. 

Truewerk launched with a four-piece winter collection, expanding to nearly 60 products and growing for all climates and industries. 

With its wide product range, Truewerk is considered a player in a market including Carhartt, Dickies, Duluth Trading Company, and Blaklader, to name a few.

The ever-changing weather and outdoor-focused lifestyle of the company’s headquarters in Denver, Colorado “heavily influences the gear we dream up, from our core product and the world’s first softshell work pant – the T2 WerkPant – to creating highly versatile, integrated layers for any job site, the Workwear System,” notes Luedke.

Truewerk engineers performance-driven workwear for modern tradesmen and women from the U.S. and Canada. 

“From helping turn on a neighbor’s power to building structures that power an entire community, the creativity, ingenuity, and physical skill used every day by trade professionals leave a huge impact on our daily lives,” says Luedke. “That’s something that deserves to be celebrated.”

Truewerk Construction Work Clothes

Truewerk has an ‘ambassador program’ through which those who sign up are eligible for a free product and exclusive access to new releases. They assist in product development through feedback, network with other tradespeople and grow their audience for their own company.

Case in point: Tim Uhler, whose company Awesome Framers does residential construction in Washington state. He notes his go-to Truewerk gear is the T.5 Werkhoody which he wears for work and hiking. He wears the camo version as a base layer in fall, winter and early spring and the green, orange, and blue during warm and hot weather. He favors the Cloud shirt for hot weather. The T2 Truewerk pants are his go-to for work and hiking until it gets warm and then he wears the T1. He promotes a hat with his company’s logo on his ambassador site.

Most of Truewerk’s products can be categorized into its Werkwear System, which Luedke calls “a modernized approach to layering with customizable, integrated pieces engineered to work together. You can mix and match based on your job or climate for ultimate protection, warmth, and mobility.”

Products are labeled by their place in the system: B for base, M for mid, S for shell layer, followed by a numbered warmth rating of 1 to 4.

The T-line is composed of technical workwear bottoms that serve as the foundation of the TRUEWERK Werkwear System. Truewerk pants, shorts, bibs, and overalls in various fabric weights and treatments are tailored for performance in various climates and conditions.

EDO (Every Day Operations) is versatile and familiar workwear that transitions from job site to office to style of life, designed to be comfortable and functional for all tasks ahead, notes Luedke.

The newest offering to come from the TRUEWERK brand is TI Overalls in men and women’s fits, engineered for hot weather performance.

The new EDO line including the Fancy Shirt, EDO Pant, B2 Polo, and B2 Henley is launching in mid-April “and is perfect for more formal events like client-facing meetings or everyday life while still packed with performance features and fabrics,” says Luedke. “We’ll have a separate product release capsule dropping this fall.”

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