Interview with BRUNT Workwear at CONEXPO

Eric Girouard, CEO of BRUNT, discusses the company's approach to designing construction workwear and its partnership with CASE at CONEXPO 2023.


BRUNT has been making big waves in the construction workwear industry. The company recently formed a partnership with CASE, a leading construction vehicle manufacturer, to build the “Ultimate Operator Boot”. BRUNT confirmed at CONEXPO 2023 that it is in the process of releasing new workwear apparel for spring and summer.

One of the things that makes BRUNT unique is careful attention to feedback from operators and customers, which is baked into the way they design workwear products. As a result, the products are not only durable, but also very functional and reliable to use in jobsites.

Q&A with BRUNT Workwear

We spoke to Eric Girouard, CEO of BRUNT, at CONEXPO 2023. He shared several insights about the company, its approach to designing workwear and its partnership with CASE.

Michael: Please provide an overview of the company and how it serves the construction industry.

Eric: BRUNT Workwear has been reinventing the work boot and work apparel category for the modern construction worker since 2020. BRUNT makes the highest quality workwear leveraging the latest materials and technology, selling them in a direct-to-consumer model. This allows BRUNT to offer their products at incredible prices for the often overlooked and underserved 17 million blue-collar Americans who wake up every day and build our country. BRUNT makes work boots and work apparel (pants, hoodies, jackets and more).

Michael: What products or new company developments are you showcasing in CONEXPO 2023?

Eric: BRUNT has been conducting customer research throughout the week at CONEXPO, interviewing hundreds of operators to understand what operators need in their boots, what they like, dislike, and wish they could have from their current boots. The goal: gather real-world input from those on jobsites to build a new, first-of-its-kind ultimate construction equipment-operator boot from the ground up. Both BRUNT and CASE are dedicated to creating the best tools for the trades and are thrilled with the unique opportunity to craft the best options for their community. Additionally, BRUNT has partnered with CASE to design a limited-edition CASE branded boots that the CASE employees are wearing throughout the week at the show. These limited-editions boots come with hi-vis laces and custom CASE lace charms.

Michael: What challenges are your products addressing or solving for the customers?

Eric: BRUNT was built for an underserved and often overlooked demographic in our country. BRUNT works closely with real tradesmen and women every day to understand what they were missing from the workwear brands and products that already existed in the market. By designing all products with real consumer insight, BRUNT makes the products with the features that consumers need, and with a direct-to-consumer model, at extremely competitive prices.

Michael: What is a major trend driving change in the construction industry?

Eric: Material Technology. Most workwear brands are over 100 years old and have been creating the same products, using the same materials, for generations. Consumers care now, more than ever, about wearing the high-quality products, with modern material technology that will allow them to both function better on the job site as well save their bodies in the long run.

Michael: What is the most important equipment, machine, service or technology operators should have on construction sites today?

Eric: Beyond the heavy equipment displayed at CONEXPO this week, the tools that customers wear to do their jobs are critical. Based on the hundreds of consumer interviews conducted this week, coupled with the BRUNT and CASE’s expertise in our respective businesses, the most important equipment that operators will have on the job site will be the BRUNT x Case Ultimate Operator Boots.

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