Top 5 Painter Pants for Busy Work Areas and Construction Projects


As a construction worker, you know just how challenging it can be to work on busy jobsites, let alone paint on them. First, there are often many areas—regardless of what you’re painting, from apartments, to houses, to office buildings—that need to be painted, some of which are compact and difficult to reach. Typically, more than one coat of paint needs to be applied too, along with a primer.

Not to mention, quite a few colleagues will generally be near you throughout the entire painting process. One false move, one accidental touch or one fall could result in damage to your project, leading you to have to touch up on some of the project or, even worse, start it over again.

Fortunately, by wearing painter pants, you can prevent these possible situations, as you’re able to warn others that you just painted, so that they will avoid the general area for the time being. Aside from potentially diminishing your downtime, as you’ll be able to move forward with your project as you originally planned, painter pants will provide you several other benefits as well.

Why Buy Painter Pants?

In addition to warning people that an area has been—or is about to be—painted, white painter pants ensure that everyone who has been assigned a painting task is wearing the same color of clothing. As a result, your colleagues will know exactly who is supposed to be completing that particular task at that specific time.

Of equal importance, you can also bleach your pants if you’d like, and never have to worry about damage. In turn, your pants will last for longer time periods, compared to pants that are offered in other colors.

Furthermore, you’ll be comfortable as you work in various temperatures. Typically, painter pants can be worn in the winter, as they’ll generally provide you enough warmth (you may need to wear a layer or two underneath them though, especially if you have to paint during the peak of winter). And, unlike dark pants that absorb heat, white painter pants will reflect it instead. Therefore, you can wear them as temperatures continue to climb throughout the summer months, too.

With each of these benefits in mind, consider purchasing one of the following five painter pants, as they not only offer you these advantages, but a variety of other positives as well.

Blaklader Painter Pants

painter pants

Blaklader Painter Pants.

Comprised of 100% cotton, these painter pants are lightweight, enabling them to be worn in warm weather. Yet, they’re also highly durable, as they’ve been built to last for a long time. This robustness is primarily associated with their reinforced knees, along with their back pockets, which have bellow and reinforced crotch seams. Allowing you to store a variety of items as you paint, the pants have bellowed front pockets, a leg pocket, and a pen and phone pocket, among other options. Additionally, they have personalized paint tool holders, as well as knee protection pockets that can be placed in two different levels, depending on your preferences.

Best Features: Personalized paint tool holders; various pockets for storage

Price: $74.95 – Buy painter pants on Amazon.com

Dickies Double Knee Painter Pants

painter pants

Double Knee Painter Pants.

Due to their design, these pants enable you to easily move around on your jobsite, as they have comfortable fits, especially around your thighs. Highly durable, as they’re also reinforced in areas that are generally worn out in other pants, they offer nine pockets for cell phone and tool storage. Featuring openings in each of their knees, which allow you to wear knee pads while you paint, the machine washable painter pants also have triple-stitched seams, leading to further durability. Comprised of 100% cotton, they have various loops for more tool storage too, including a hammer loop. And they’re available in seven sizes, ranging from 30 to 42.

Best Features: Loops and pockets for tool storage; openings in knees for knee pads

Price: $29.69 - $29.99 – Buy painter pants on Amazon.com

Portwest S817 Painter Pants

painter pants

Portwest S817 Painter Pants.

As an example of their storage variety, these pants have pockets designed for cell phones, pens and even knee pads, allowing you to conduct several painting tasks on your jobsite. Highly breathable and comfortable, due to their 100% cotton fabric composition, the pants are absorbent and pre-shrunk. Consequently, they’ll maintain their shape after they’re washed time after time again. In addition, the pants are UPF 40+ rated, enabling them to block 98% of all UV rays. Offered in numerous sizes, from small to XXXL, the pants have a half elasticated waist too, leading not only to a comfortable fit, but a secure one as well.

Best Features: Half elasticated waist; UPF 40+ rating

Price: $26.40 – Buy painter pants on Amazon.com

Red Kap Dungaree Painter Pants

painter pants

Red Kap Dungaree Painter Pants.

Featuring a hammer loop, two deep front pockets and two oversized hip pockets, among other pockets, these pants provide you ample storage options. Offering plenty of space too, resulting in comfort and mobility, the pants are also loose enough to fit over your work boots. Comprised of 100% cotton and drill fabric, the pants are highly durable as well, enabling them to last for long periods of time. Machine washable, the pants have a straight fit, along with bartacks reinforcements at typical stress points, leading to further comfort as you paint, regardless of how often you’ll need to bend and stretch to complete your tasks.

Best Features: Bartacks reinforcements at stress points; several storage options

Price: $22.49 – Buy painter pants on Amazon.com

RUGGED Blue Painter Pants

painter pants

Portwest S817 Painter Pants.

Created for all-day wear, as they’re comprised of durable, soft 100% cotton, these pants are ideal for a variety of construction jobs. Offered in many sizes, the machine washable pants have large front and back pockets for your cellphone and tools, along with triple-stitched seams that ensure they can be used for long durations. Featuring flat sewn inseams as well, which increase their comfortability, the pants can effortlessly be placed over your work boots or shoes too, due to their leg openings. And, as you bend down and reach for various items while you complete your painting tasks, you’ll be highly comfortable, no matter how long your shift lasts.

Best Features: Flat sewn inseams; triple-stitched seams

Price: $14.99 – Buy painter pants on Amazon.com

Things to Know about Painter Pants

Can I clean my painter pants with other clothes, especially in my washer?

No. They should be washed separately from any other clothing you own, in order to ensure your other clothes aren’t damaged by whatever is removed from your pants during the wash cycle. Normally, your pants won’t only have paint on them, but materials like caulk, drywall dust, plaster and primer, too.

How exactly should I wash my painter pants?

More often than not, painter pants are machine washable. They should be washed on low, while using cold or hot water. After all, high water temperatures may damage them, thereby minimizing your ability to wear them long term.

And, finally, how should I dry them?

Consider hanging them, rather than placing them in a dryer. A dryer may lead to some shrinkage, along with static build up. Avoid both of these potential issues by drying them the old-fashioned way instead.

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