Upgrade Your Footwear with These Ariat Boots


Since its founding in 1993, Ariat International has especially become renowned for its equestrian footwear. However, the company specializes in products for several other industries too, including construction.

After all, its boots are typically very comfortable and robust. Additionally, they help prevent on-the-job injuries, as they generally offer high resistance to oil and slips, allowing them to be worn on various surfaces.

For further usability, they provide a variety of other benefits as well, including the following.

Why Buy Ariat Boots?

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) rated, with regards to their safety offerings, the boots are built to last, as their insoles, outsoles and platforms are constructed with high-quality materials. They’re also usually highly cushioned and, in turn, comfortable. And, as you know, comfort is key on your construction site, especially if you have long shifts.

Furthermore, Ariat boots are often breathable, flexible and lightweight. Not to mention, they can withstand practically any element you’ll encounter too, from extreme weather conditions, to unusual terrain, to the wear and tear of your day-to-day job tasks.

As a result of these benefits, the boots aren’t as cost-effective as some of the other boots you’ll find on Amazon.com or a search engine website like Google.com. One saying, “you get what you pay for”, comes to mind though, as the boots’ wide range of high-quality features must not be overlooked. Simply put, by purchasing the following five boots, you’ll “get what you pay for”—and so much more.

Ariat Edge LTE Chukka MetGuard Composite Toe Work Boots

ariat boots

Ariat Edge LTE Chukka MetGuard Composite Toe Work Boots.

Comprised of full-grain leather, these boots feature Four-Layer Rebound (4LR) technology, leading to their simultaneous light weight and strength. ASTM F2413 rated, the composite toe boots also have lightweight Bantamweight outsoles, which are comprised of rubber. Due to their composition, the outsoles are oil and slip resistant, thereby decreasing your likelihood of falling as you work at your jobsite. Featuring a removable, cushioned insole, resulting in high comfort, the boots have flexible XRD Extreme Impact Protection Metatarsal Guards, too. Consequently, your odds of injury risks will decline even further. In addition, the boots have Edge LTE platforms, leading to more comfort, flexibility and support as you walk for hours on end.

Best Features: Oil- and slip-resistant outsoles; XRD Extreme Impact Protection Metatarsal Guards

Price: $184.95 – Buy Ariat boots on Amazon.com

Ariat Groundbreaker Chelsea Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots

ariat boots

Ariat Groundbreaker Chelsea Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots.

Due to their Waterproof PRO composition, these 100% full-grain leather boots are not only waterproof, but completely insulated, enabling your feet to remain dry and warm. ASTM F2413-11 rated, the well-cushioned boots offer metatarsal protection and feature a reinforced steel toe. Highly durable, the boots also have 10-inch shafts and pull-on tabs, which are featured on their collars, allowing you to easily wear them. Additionally, they have sturdy leather uppers that include breathable mesh linings, leading to high comfort. Featuring cushioned insoles, resulting in even further comfort, the boots can withstand an array of heavy-duty work environments too, as they have Duratread rubber compound outsoles.

Best Features: Breathable mesh linings; Waterproof PRO composition

Price: $169.95 – Buy Ariat boots on Amazon.com

Ariat Rebar Flex 6-in. Composite Toe Work Boots

ariat boots

Ariat Rebar Flex 6-inch Composite Toe Work Boots.

Featuring 4LR system footbeds, these boots will offer you high cushion and support. As a result, you’ll be highly comfortable, as your foot fatigue will decline, no matter how often you need to walk during your shifts. Offering 90-degree heels for additional support, the boots also have oil- and slip-resistant Duratread outsoles, leading to high traction, regardless of the surfaces you have to walk on. ASTM F2413-11 rated, the work boots feature highly cushioned, lightweight EVA midsoles too, resulting in further comfort, as well as high flexibility. Aside from offering you high comfort, they’ll also protect your toes from impacts and shocks, as they have composite safety toes.

Best Features: 4LR system footbeds; oil- and slip-resistant outsoles

Price: $121.99 – Buy Ariat boots on Amazon.com

Ariat Treadfast 6-inch Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots

ariat boots

Ariat Treadfast 6-inch Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boots.

As a result of their DRYShield waterproof construction, these full-grain leather boots will ensure that you remain dry, even as you work in extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain and snow. Featuring highly cushioned insoles, along with highly durable Duratread outsoles that are oil and slip resistant, the boots also have 90-degree heels, leading to high support as you remain on your feet all day. For further support, along with cushioning and, in turn, comfort, the boots have 4LR system footbeds as well. ASTM F2413 rated, the boots also feature mesh linings and steel safety toes, thereby protecting you from various potential injuries, too.

Best Features: 4LR system footbeds; DRYShield waterproof construction

Price: $114.95 – Buy Ariat boots on Amazon.com

Ariat Turbo 6-in. Waterproof Carbon Toe Work Boots

ariat boots

Ariat Turbo 6-inch Waterproof Carbon Toe Work Boots.

Highly cushioned, as a result of their foam insoles, these boots can be utilized on a variety of surfaces, including those that are very hard. Offering a Waterproof Pro construction, the full-grain leather boots are very durable as well, as they can withstand considerable exposure to water—even as you work in heavy rain and snow. Providing Duratread outsoles, which are oil and slip resistant, the waterproof boots also have 90-degree heels. Therefore, you’ll have high support as you walk at your jobsite for long durations. In addition, the boots, which are ASTM F2413 rated, are very comfortable, particularly due to their lightweight, cushioned EVA midsoles.

Best Features: Duratread outsoles; lightweight, cushioned EVA midsoles

Price: $164.95 – Buy Ariat boots on Amazon.com

Things to Know about Ariat Boots

How durable are Ariat boots truly?

It will really depend on how well they’re taken care of. They are truly built to last for years and, in some cases, decades. If you maintain them—particularly through regular cleaning and proper drying after they’ve been used in dirt and water—they’ll provide you comfort and safety for a long time to come.

How exactly do Ariat boots offer high cushioning?

They utilize Cobalt technology, which is an Ariat trademark. As a result of the technology, the boots also absorb shocks considerably; such shock absorption is critical for construction workers that are on their feet all day long, day in and day out.

Are Ariat boots built with various sizes in mind?

Yes. A majority of Ariat boots are offered in several sizes. Some will provide you options for wide feet too, such as the Ariat Groundbreaker offering.

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