BRUNT Workwear Rolls Out Spring Collection for Construction, Landscaping and Outdoor Professionals


BRUNT Workwear has introduced several new products under its spring collection to help workers stay cool and comfortable on the jobsite in preparation for warm and sunny weather. 

The collection, which officially launched on May 11th, includes the McKenna Sun Hoody, McKenna Long Sleeve Tee, Costello Pant and Costello Short. 

McKenna Sun Hoody and Long Sleeve

BRUNT’s McKenna Sun Hoody and Long Sleeve are designed to protect you from harsh UV rays and exposure to debris while performing landscaping jobs, taking on rugged construction sites and using heavy equipment or tools. 

The McKenna Sun Hoody is a three-piece hoodie that is compatible with hard hats ($49, available in grey heather, orange heather, army green heather, blue heather, and BRUNT orange). Equipped with cover stitched seams, a notable feature is the drop shoulder for comfort when wearing backpack blowers or equipment with harnesses. The McKenna Long Sleeve is a version of the McKenna Sun Hoody without the head cover ($39, available in orange heather, grey heather, and blue heather).

“The McKenna Sun Hoody and Long Sleeve were developed for our tradesmen that are spending long hours in the sun. They are created with a focus on protection from the sun and moisture wicking to keep the customer cool. Our fabric has a softer hand feel, similar to a cotton garment although it’s polyester,” explained BRUNT.

Sun protection is a top priority when working outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you have to be sweaty and uncomfortable! The McKenna Sun Hoody and Long Sleeve consist of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. The fabric’s moisture wicking properties help regulate your body temperature and sweat. Polyester is more durable than cotton. This results in a long-lasting workwear product that can withstand rough treatment, outdoor elements, and numerous laundry cycles. It is also highly wrinkle and stain resistant. 

Going back to the fabric’s moisture wicking properties, polyester does not absorb sweat, whereas cotton aggressively absorbs liquids and moisture – taking in up to 25x its weight. For individuals who are prone to sweating, polyester is the way to go, because it dries quickly and does not hold moisture, allowing you to stay light and nimble on the jobsite.

What about that 12% spandex? This addition makes the McKenna Sun Hoody and Long Sleeve stretchable, enabling you to reach for objects or tools, pick up materials, and operate machinery. These solutions can give you the support you need on the jobsite.

When it comes to UV protection, both workwear products deliver Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 50 sun protection. This level of protection blocks 98% of harmful UV rays.

Costello Pant and Short

The spring collection also includes BRUNT’s Costello Pant and Short. The differences are straightforward, with the Costello Pant providing full leg protection and articulated knees ($69, available in charcoal, black, and khaki), while the Costello Short is designed for individuals needing additional flexibility on the jobsite ($59, available in charcoal and khaki). 

These products are made of 88% rip-stop nylon and 12% spandex. We already know the benefits of spandex, so let’s take closer look at the properties of nylon. Like polyester, nylon does not absorb moisture. It is also resistant to wrinkles and stains. Compared to cotton, the material is stronger and longer lasting. Rip-stop nylon is both stretchy and highly resistant to tearing. These properties make rip-stop nylon and spandex ideal for a wide range of outdoor work, including landscaping, carpentry, and construction. 

These products also have Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coatings, making them water resistant. DWR coatings can be found on rain jackets, backpacks, and other apparel frequently exposed to moisture. The treatment causes water to form into beads on the surface, minimizing absorption and sticky textures. 

Both the Costello Pant and Short feature slanted back pockets for easy access to small tools and items, as well as drop-in cell phone pocket. An oversized back-located belt loop adds to the overall durability of these pieces.

“The Costello Pant and Short was named for our friend Jason Costello. Costello, known as Jason Costco on social media, has been landscape curbing for over two decades now,” said BRUNT. “We built the Costello Pant and Short for our customers who need lightweight bottoms while working in the trades.”

Check out BRUNT for a complete selection of spring and summer workwear!

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