Why You Should Buy Carhartt Cargo Pants for Your Construction Work


For 134 years, Carhartt has designed clothing for hardworking people like yourself.  

Bib overalls and coveralls. Hoodies and sweatshirts. Jeans and pants. Shirts and shorts. Boots of all types. You name it, Carhartt more than likely designs it. 

And that, along with its longstanding dedication to high quality and, in turn, durability, is exactly why the manufacturer has been so popular for so long. 

Over the years, Carhartt’s cargo pants have become nearly as popular as its bib overalls and jeans (some may argue that they’ve become even more popular among various construction workers). 

As an example of their popularity, one of the manufacturer’s cargo pants offerings—Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Ripstop Cargo Work Pants—is steadily being purchased by many members of the construction industry, particularly due to its wide array of benefits, including the following. 


First off, the pants are very breathable, allowing you to wear them during the peak of summer. Yet, at the same time, they can be worn as temperatures decline this fall and winter, too (you may want to wear them with layers though). 


Furthermore, due to the pants’ relaxed fit, they’re highly comfortable throughout their seat and thighs, as they’ll offer you ample room to move, whether you need to bend down, kneel or stretch. 

Not to mention, they also have a gusseted crotch, which will ensure you have the proper amount of stretch you need between each of their legs, further enabling you to move however and whenever you need to (and as often as your job requires you to). 


The pants are comprised of cotton (69 percent) and polyester (31 percent), offering a stretch ripstop that leads to high flexibility. The pants are so comfortable, spacious and flexible (as far as cargo work pants are concerned, that is) that many construction workers choose to wear them rather than jeans. 

Double-layer Knees 

Of equal importance, the pants have double-layer knees, which have openings. Due to these openings, you can add knee pads to them if you’d like. And you can clean out any debris that you happen to find in them. 

The double-layer knees provide you additional protection as you kneel on your knees, thereby reducing the likelihood of injuries from bruises and cuts, along with the potential of arthritis down the road.  


In addition, the pants feature Carhartt Force sweat-wicking FastDry technology. As a result, you’ll quickly dry off whenever you sweat, allowing you to remain as cool as possible, even as temperatures approach 100℉ and the relative humidity rises to nearly 100 percent.  

Durable Belt Loops 

As is the case with Carhartt’s other offerings, these pants are built through high-quality craftmanship, from their tops to their bottoms, including their belt loops, which the manufacturer describes as “sewn-on-seam”. Therefore, like every other aspect of the pants, their belt loops are highly durable, as they’ll likely endure years of usage, even if you wear your pants multiple times a week. 


The pants’ ripstop fabric will offer you another positive that you’ll notice short term and long term: a lightweight feel. Due to their lightweight feel, you’ll be able to comfortably move from one area of your jobsite to the next—without feeling any heaviness whatsoever.  

Machine Washable 

To maintain these pants, you should machine wash them and dry them on a regular basis. Although they’re definitely built to last, their endurance will only continue for so long. You must do your part to maintain them, too. If you do, you’ll likely have a long-term return on your investment. 

Plenty of Storage Opportunities 

The pants also have various pockets, including front pockets, large cargo pockets and several utility pockets. At the same time, they have CORDURA-reinforced back pockets too, which can be used for heavier, larger items. As a result of their numerous pockets, the pants provide you plenty of storage opportunities, whether you need to carry your cell phone or tools. 

Due to their CORDURA reinforcements, the pockets are highly durable, as they’re built to last and able to endure the wear and tear that they’ll potentially encounter whenever you wear them on your jobsite. Simply put, you won’t have to worry about any item falling out of them, enabling you to focus on your job tasks, rather than wondering if you have lost any tools. 

Rugged Flex Technology 

Moreover, the pants feature Rugged Flex Technology as well, an offering created and registered by Carhartt itself. A stretch technology, Rugged Flex will ease your movement considerably, as it helps you bend, crouch, kneel and move effortlessly, regardless of your job tasks, the conditions you encounter or the environment you work in. You’ll may move better than you ever have, in fact, leading to higher productivity. 

Much like Carhartt’s other offerings, these pants are well stitched too, resulting in highly durable seams. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the pants’ stitching or seams becoming loose or wearing out too soon. Again, they’re truly built to last. All you have to do is look at their seams and compare them to some other pants’ seams to know that Carhartt is—without question—committed to quality and endurance. 

Straight Leg Openings 

Thus far, you have read about the pants’ various positive qualities once you’re wearing them. But what about before you actually wear them for the day? Are there any positives you should know about immediately before you place them on your legs? 

The answer, in short, is yes, as they’re effortless to put on. The main reason? They have straight leg openings that offer you the room you need to easily place them over your boots as you put them on. And then, once you’re wearing your pants, they’ll easily fit over your boots as well, a true win-win, concerning all-day comfort. 

What Else You Should Know 

Of course, there is no such thing as an absolutely perfect pair of work pants (although some would argue that these are as close to perfect as most other work pants on the market). There is bound to be something that you should know about before you purchase your next pair. 

And, with regards to Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Ripstop Cargo Work Pants, one negative especially stands out: they aren’t waterproof or water-resistant. If the weather forecast is predicting heavy rains for the day, you may want to consider wearing pants that will protect you from torrential downpours more than these will. 

However, they do utilize FastDry technology though, so you’ll dry off as quickly as possible if you choose to wear them on a rainy day anyways. 

Price: $59.99 – Buy on Amazon.com 

FAQs for Carhartt Cargo Pants 

Will FastDry technology ensure my cargo pants remain odor free? 

Definitely. Due to their capabilities to wick away sweat, you’ll never have to worry about any of the odors that some other cargo pants may have after a long day of work. 

Does Carhartt provide customizing opportunities? 

Yes. You can customize your pair of pants, according to your preferences, from further CORDURA fabric reinforcements, to hammer loops. 

Which colors are Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Ripstop Cargo Work Pants offered in? 

Currently, they’re available in four colors: basil, black, dark coffee and greige. 

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