Product Review: ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Radio Earmuffs for Hearing Protection


The rigors of construction work should never be overlooked. From the strain of constantly kneeling on your knees (leading to the necessity for knee pads), to the continuous pressure that’s applied to your feet as you work long shifts (resulting in the need for high-quality work boots), your health must remain a significant priority. 

After all, without your well-being, you won’t be able to perform to the best of your ability, your employer’s productivity will decline and your passion for construction work will diminish. 

While focusing on your health, you may overlook one key aspect though: your hearing. Oftentimes, as a construction worker, you become so acquainted with loud noises that you simply don’t even think about them. However, over time, constant loud noises, day after day, may negatively impact your hearing—and, in turn, your quality of life. 

To avoid this potential, negative, long-term outcome, consider purchasing a pair of AIR DEFENDER Electronic AM/FM Radio Earmuffs, created by ISOtunes, an earbud and earmuff specialist.  

Due to my involvement with IRONPROS as a writer, ISOtunes mailed a brand-new pair of the earmuffs to me, so that I could witness the product’s wide array of positives firsthand. Here are the features that especially stood out to me. 


When you first remove a pair of AIR DEFENDER Electronic AM/FM Radio Earmuffs from their box, you’ll immediately notice their light weight, when compared to other earmuffs you’ve likely purchased in the past. Upon placing them on your head, you’ll see just how important their low weight is, as they’re highly comfortable—without any bulkiness or heaviness whatsoever. In fact, as further evidence of their light weight, according to the manufacturer, AIR DEFENDER earmuffs are more than 20% lighter than other earmuffs currently on the market.  

Aside from their light weight, the earmuffs also have ear cushions, along with a headband, each of which is comprised of memory foam. As a result, the entire product is soft, enabling you to wear it for hours and hours on end without any hesitation.  

Without question, you’ll definitely notice you’re wearing the earmuffs (although they will become less noticeable as time passes by). However, they’re as close to being unnoticeable as earmuffs can be. The bottom line? With regards to earmuffs, the AIR DEFENDER’s overall comfortability is hard to beat. 

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ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Earmuffs. Credit: Goldenrod Photography


Sometimes purchasers associate light weight with lower quality and, consequently, a decline in durability. That’s certainly not the case with AIR DEFENDER earmuffs though. According to ISOtunes, they’re resistant to dust, sweat and water, so they’re built to last long term. IPX4 rated, the earmuffs have a 1-year warranty, too. Therefore, if you notice any flaws, regarding their components and overall design, you’ll receive a free exchange—as long as you notify the manufacturer within 12 months of your purchase date. 

In addition, if you aren’t completely satisfied with the earmuffs, you can receive all of your money back within 30 days of your purchase. In other words, ISOtunes has full confidence in its product, believing its customers will be highly pleased with their purchase. And, if they aren’t, the manufacturer will do whatever it takes to ensure they ultimately are. 

As a construction worker, you know just how vital this is. Whenever a manufacturer offers product durability, alongside complete customer satisfaction, you’ll likely acquire the best product offering possible, especially when it comes to longevity. And, as evidenced by my experience with the AIR DEFENDER, you’ll be hard pressed to find a pair of earmuffs that are as lightweight and durable simultaneously. 

Of note, if, for whatever reason, you need to return (again, within 30 days of purchase) or exchange (within 1 year of purchase) them, bear in mind that they must be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website (ISOtunes.com). If not, you may not be able to return or exchange them.  

Noise Reduction Capabilities 

While wearing the earmuffs for the first time, I noticed just how much they diminish all exterior noises, a direct result of their 24 decibel (dB) Noise Reduction Rating. According to this rating—which has been measured in a laboratory and is in accordance with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and approved by the American National Standards (ASN)—the earmuffs block 24dB of all damaging noises, due to their memory foam, which is industrial grade. 

I wore them while using a leaf blower, a pressure washer and a string trimmer. Each time, the noises emitted by these products were simply unnoticeable. While reflecting on other earmuffs I have used in the past, when it comes to noise blockage capabilities, there was practically no comparison between the AIR DEFENDER and a majority of the other products. 


ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Earmuffs. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

Price and Size 

Each AIR DEFENDER is currently $69.99, a fair price when one compares it with the other high-quality earmuffs on the market, while also considering the various benefits that this particular product offers. Some earmuffs, after all, can cost up to $150 or more. 

In addition to its reasonable pricing, the AIR DEFENDER is highly flexible, with regards to its size, as its headband is adjustable. Consequently, it can fit a variety of construction workers’ heads, ranging in size from small to large. 

As I tried the AIR DEFENDER on, I immediately noticed that it fit snugly, as there wasn’t any looseness at all. And, as I wore it while blowing leaves, pressure washing a deck and trimming weeds, its fit remained just as tight as it was when I first tried it on (at the time, I was simply standing in one position). As a result, I can confidently say that the earmuffs will securely fit on nearly any construction worker’s head, regardless of how much they have to move on the job to complete their tasks, even if they’re constantly bending down, kneeling and stretching. 

Safety Offerings 

Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) and OSHA compliant, the AIR DEFENDER will protect your ears from a majority of noises (again, 24 dB of noises; 29 dB is the highest amount of noise that ISOtunes products currently protect customers’ ears from). 

Additionally, the earmuffs, which have been approved in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S3.19-1974 specifications, feature SafeMax Technology. An offering created by ISOtunes, SafeMax ensures that every product provided by the manufacturer will never damage customers’ hearing. To do so, as construction workers listen to music while using the earmuffs, their headphones’ volume output will never be higher than 85 dBs, thereby enabling them to remain compliant with OSHA’s standards. 

Aside from protecting construction workers from noises on their jobsite, along with noises emitted by their headphones, the earmuffs have been tested according to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60529, with regards to International Protection (IP) Markings. Since IP Markings rate the amount of protection that mechanical casings and electrical enclosures provide users, concerning intrusion and accidental contact with electricity, you can rest assured that the AIR DEFENDER will be protected from certain electrical hazards, in addition to dust and water, as mentioned earlier.  

In turn, the earmuffs can withstand a variety of work environments and weather conditions, including torrential downpours, allowing you to wear them regardless of where you work or the extreme weather you’re forced to encounter at times. 

construction earmuffs

ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Earmuffs. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

Sound Quality 

The earmuffs also have a high sound quality, as you can easily turn their volume up or down, via two buttons that are located on one of their muff’s exteriors. Moreover, you can turn the sound off completely through an easy-to-find power button, which is just below the volume buttons. You’ll be able to turn the volume up quite high if necessary—again, up to 85 dB, at most—while listening to music nonstop. As evidence of its ability to be utilized continuously, the AIR DEFENDER has a 60-hour battery life, which is quite high, when compared to most other earmuffs. 

Alongside their long battery life, the earmuffs (which use two AA batteries) can be used incessantly for one other primary reason: they have an auxiliary input that enables such capabilities. While utilizing the AIR DEFENDER, construction workers will likely only discover one primary issue—it’s unable to connect to anything aside from AM and FM radio, as it’s not Bluetooth enabled. In today’s world of virtually endless music options, via practically infinite outlets, AM and FM radio seems to be a musical offering of the past, especially for individuals who are in their 30s and younger. 

Yet, at the same time, you may love the old-fashioned aspect of the earmuffs, preferring a change of pace, as you listen to AM and FM radio, rather than iTunes, for example. Either way, the AIR DEFENDER’s sound quality is high, as you’ll be able to listen to crisp sounding music for several hours at a time. 

Should You Buy ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Electronic AM/FM Radio Earmuffs? 

In short, yes. First off, there’s arguably nothing more important than comfort on the jobsite. High comfort leads to high performance, resulting in high productivity and, in turn, various positives for you and your career. These earmuffs are among the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, period. 

Furthermore, they’re highly durable, despite their light weight. Since they’re built to last, you won’t have to worry about replacing them for years potentially—as long as you maintain them as you should, that is. Offering resistance to dust, sweat and water, along with protection from some electrical hazards, the earmuffs will withstand the elements that are associated with construction work, enabling them to be used for years at a time, even if you wear them on jobsites that have numerous hazards.  

Of equal importance, AIR DEFENDER Electronic AM/FM Radio Earmuffs will ensure your hearing remains reliable for years to come, due to their industrial grade memory foam that blocks 24dB of all damaging noises. Not to mention, like every other ISOtunes product, the earmuffs feature SafeMax Technology, which guarantees their volume output is never higher than 85 dBs, thus protecting you from any hearing issues that accompany music that’s too loud for too long. 

While doing so, the AIR DEFENDER provides high-quality, clear music, along with news and entertainment programs, through AM and FM radio. All volume and power buttons are easy to find and use, as are the earmuffs’ auxiliary input and charging port (the product’s battery life will last for 60 hours at a time, a considerable amount, when compared to other earmuffs that are presently available for purchase). 

As a result of each of these offerings, the earmuffs, which can be worn by a wide array of construction workers, thanks to their adjustable headband, are adequately priced at $69.99—roughly halfway between the cost of the most affordable and the most expensive earmuffs on the market.  

Simply put, the AIR DEFENDER’s negatives (arguably only in relation to its limited music offerings) far outweigh its positives. You won’t be disappointed with your purchase, no matter what your jobsite locations, shift lengths or job tasks are. 

To learn more about the benefits of hearing loss protective gear, such as ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Electronic AM/FM Radio Earmuffs, visit this For Construction Pros article.

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