Top 5 1620 Workwear Products You Need on Construction Sites


According to 1620 Workwear, a clothing manufacturer founded by Ted De Innocentis and Josh Walker in 2016, blue collar employees—including construction workers—purchase roughly five to eight pairs of pants annually, as they typically only last for a year, at most. And each pair costs $49, on average. 

That no longer has to be the case though, as 1620 Workwear’s pants, along with their other products, are built to last for several months. In fact, the manufacturer’s pants alone are up to 10 times as tough as the usual cotton canvas work pants that are on the market. 

Aside from their durability, 1620 Workwear products offer a variety of other benefits too, including the following. 

Benefits of 1620 Workwear Products 

Based in Massachusetts, 1620 Workwear is renowned for its commitment to the American worker, as each of its products is created in the United States. It’s also well recognized for its dedication to quality, ensuring that all of its products are built to last—for years, rather than months.  

In fact, its products are guaranteed for life, to the point in which they’re warranted to original owners if they notice any material or workmanship defects throughout the products’ entire lifespans. Upon observing the products and ensuring that damage wasn’t caused by accidents, inadequate care, negligence or wear and tear, 1620 Workwear will either repair the damage or replace the product completely. 

In addition, the manufacturer’s products are known for providing high flexibility, which, in turn, will enhance your range of movement. And, at the same time, the products will increase your safety too, as they’re composed of materials that will protect you from injuries associated with burns, cuts, falls and slips.  

Furthermore, the manufacturer enables you to have custom embroidery, as your company’s logo can be added to some of its products. Not to mention, 1620 Workwear also offers an assortment of discontinued and repaired products, secondhand garments and products that were accidentally manufactured twice—within its Patina Collection. Finally, if you’re interested in buying a product for someone, but unsure of what to purchase, you may buy an e-card too, which is valued at $25 to $250. 

To notice each of these benefits, among others, consider purchasing the following five 1620 Workwear products. 

Double Knee Utility Pants 2.0 

Available in five colors, along with several sizes, ranging from 30- to 46-inch waists, these pants are up to 10 times more abrasion resistant than 100 percent cotton duck pants. Aside from protecting you from potential cuts, the pants are also water resistant, due to their PFC-free water repellent finishes. Consequently, they’ll dry two times quicker than cotton duck pants will. Featuring Stretch NYCO fabric, which utilizes CORDURA fiber technology, leading to their high durability and, in turn, abrasion resistance, the pants have 50 percent thicker threads than previously released models, too. And they have two hammer loops, as well as openings for knee pads. 

Best Features: Abrasion resistance; water resistance 

Price: $198.00  

Full Tech Work Hoodie  

Full Tech Work Hoodie.

Offered in seven colors, including hi-vis, and eight sizes, ranging from small to 5XL, this hoodie is comprised of cotton blend fleece fabric, which has a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish. Featuring a hood that’s compatible with helmets, the hoodie also has a front pocket with “catch-all corners”, as described by the manufacturer. Due to these corners, you’ll be able to safely secure your change, nails, screws, small tools and other valuables within your pocket. Additionally, the pocket is designed with CORDURA 500D Stealth technology, which ensures your phone, among other items, will remain dry and secure, regardless of the conditions you work in, including torrential downpours.  

Best Features: Durable Water Repellent (DWR) finish; front pocket features CORDURA 500D Stealth technology that protects your items 

Price: $98.00

NYCO Work T-shirt 

Due to its larger fit, when compared to some other t-shirts on the market, this shirt will offer you ample space in your chest and shoulders. Featuring a combination of cotton and nylon (Invista’s T420), the shirt—available in several sizes, from small to XXXL—is highly resistant to abrasions. Comprised of CORDURA Baselayer fabric, it’s also very comfortable, despite the heat and humidity you may have to work in. In addition, it will absorb moisture quickly, so that you’ll never have to worry about being wet. As an example of its absorption capabilities, it can dry 2.5 times faster than 100 percent cotton shirts are able to.  

Best Features: Abrasion resistance; moisture absorption capabilities 

Price: $36.00  

Stretch NYCO Shirt Jacket  

Highly resistant to abrasions (up to 10 times more than 100 percent cotton duck jackets, for example), this jacket also has a very durable, PFC-free water repellent finish. Therefore, it will dry two times faster than cotton duck jackets. And, in turn, due to its abrasion and water resistance, the jacket will protect you from cuts, falls, slips and extreme weather, such as heavy rain. Available in two colors, along with various sizes, ranging from small to XXL, the jacket has gusseted armpits too, leading to effortless movement as you conduct your job tasks. For ample storage opportunities, the jacket has angled front chest pockets and side hand pockets as well. 

Best Features: Gusseted armpits for effortless movement; PFC-free water repellent finish 

Price: $198.00 

Work Vest 

Provided in a variety of sizes, ranging from small to XXL, along with four colors, this vest is comprised of a Stretch NYCO outer fabric, which has a PFC-free DWR finish. For further protection from rain, as well as high winds, the vest has a 3L softshell lining, too. Highly resistant to abrasions—10 times more resistant than 100 percent cotton duck vests are, for example—the vest is also very breathable, leading to its high comfortability. For further protection, the vest has also been designed to meet NFPA1975 standards, as it won’t ignite or melt if it’s ever exposed to extremely high heat on your jobsite. 

Best Features: PFC-free DWR finish; withstands extremely high heat 

Price: $174.00  

FAQs for 1620 Workwear Products 

What happens once I purchase an e-card? 

You will acquire an email that features it, thereby offering you the full value that it’s worth (again $25 to $250), a code and a link you can use to redeem it. No processing fees are ever required after you purchase it. 

Aside from its Stretch NYCO fabric that’s designed with CORDURA fiber technology, what else does 1620 Workwear offer technology-wise? 

Some of its products also feature a four-way stretch fabric, which was originally created for professional athletes in contact sports, along with special forces members. As a result of this fabric, products are highly durable and flexible, even if you utilize them in extremely challenging work environments. 

Are there any other products I should know about? 

In addition to hoodies, jackets, pants, t-shirts and vests, 1620 Workwear manufactures beanies, face masks, hats, shorts and utility aprons, too. 

Learn more about 1620 Workwear in this IRONPROS article.

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