Product Review: Remind Insoles CUSH IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch Boot Insoles

The customized boot insoles are dry, durable, lightweight and odor-free, leading to long-term comfort.


“Our goal is to create the best quality products as a pain-free solution to help support our daily lifestyles and overall well-being. We love what we do and we are dedicated to spreading that through this creation we call Remind.”

– John Makens, founder and owner of Remind Insoles 

When John Makens created Remind Insoles in 2008, he was focused primarily on enhancing skateboarders’ and snowboarders’ overall quality of life, as he strived to minimize the back, foot and knee pain associated with both sports. 

Since then, thousands of skateboarders and snowboarders have utilized the company’s insoles to help reduce the short- and long-term impact of such pain, including individuals who are renowned in each sport.  

Developed through decades of biomechanics and biomedicine practices, along with experimentations with athletes, the orthotic insoles attempt to align users’ feet and joints, while also cushioning them. At the same time, they enable them to have self-molding customization, which, in turn, helps them prevent potential injuries. 

Thankfully, the orthotic insoles aren’t limited to skateboarders and snowboarders, as individuals who are consistently on their feet can wear them too, including construction workers like you. 

To test the insoles and determine if they’re suitable for employees that work on their feet all day long, Remind Insoles mailed a pair of one of its products to me: CUSH IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch | Chico Brenes 57 Werewolf Boot Insoles. Upon wearing the insoles for several hours on a hot summer day, I can attest that they’re not only appropriate for skateboarders and snowboarders, but construction workers as well. As a result of the insoles’ following benefits, I—along with the rest of the IRONPROS team—recommend them to you. 

Arch Support for Boot Insoles

Due, in part, to their bio-mechanically engineered arch shapes, the insoles are able to support and even enhance your body and foot alignment, along with your overall balance and stability on the job. By utilizing these work boot insoles, you’ll reduce any likelihood of overpronation, along with any negatives associated with it.  

At the same time, your posture will improve considerably, as the insoles will help your ankles, hips, knees and spine become straightly aligned. In turn, the insoles offer you short- and long-term health benefits, which may increase your longevity, enabling you to possibly extend your construction career beyond what you ever imagined. 

Not to mention, the insoles have semi-rigid inserts that will flex with each of your foot’s movements. Therefore, your joint pressure will decline as well, further enhancing your foot health, even as you walk on unsteady ground and concrete for several hours at a time on a nearly daily basis.  


Featuring what the manufacturer terms “Self-Forming Technology”, the insoles are able to mold to each individual’s foot, leading to even weight distribution, along with customized fits. As you know, it’s difficult enough to find work boots that almost fit your feet, let alone ones that fit them perfectly. Due to improper fits, all types of foot injuries can occur, from less serious issues like blisters and bunions, to more serious problems, such as hammertoe and heel pain. 

However, as a result of the “Self-Forming Technology” of the boot insoles, you’ll no longer have to worry about these types of possible injuries, no matter how long you’re on your feet or which types of terrain you have to walk on. 


Each boot insole features an organic moisture wicker treatment that maintains your foot’s dryness and, consequently, coolness, too. Dryness is especially critical during the hot summer months, as your feet are bound to sweat, resulting not only in discomfort, but issues like blisters as well.  

Of course, the dryer your feet can remain for hours at a time, the better off you’ll be. Not only will you be more comfortable, but your ability to work longer shifts more efficiently will also likely increase. After all, the more comfortable you are, the more you’ll want to stay on the job and do what you love, as your productivity will subsequently rise.


As with any product that you purchase for your construction work, durability is critical. But one could argue that durability is especially paramount when it comes to footgear. Due to various materials, they’ve been designed to last for roughly 1 year. In fact, even if you wear them for several hours at a time on a practically daily basis, they won’t break down for a few months. 

Of course, constant impact, especially on rough terrain, may very well shorten their lifespans. Not to mention, if you don’t wear socks, you likely won’t be able to utilize them for up to 1 year. Ensure you wear socks every time you have them on and provide them breaks from severe topography. By doing so, you’ll likely have a pair of insoles that maintain their look, feel and protection for a few months. 

Impact Absorption 

First off, each insole features a high shock impact diffuser. You could walk on large rocks and have no issue whatsoever. Or you could walk on big chunks of concrete and never notice any discomfort.  

The bottom line? Thanks to the insoles’ high shock impact diffuser, there is no such thing as rough terrain—you can walk on practically anything for several hours at a time and avoid injuries, along with short- and long-term pain. Therefore, you’ll never have to turn down a job out of fear or doubt, with regards to a jobsite’s terrain or ground-based hazards, along with the negative impacts they could have on your foot health.  

Secondly, each of the insoles have Extreme Impact Protection material that absorbs up to 90% of all impact energy. As a result of this material, as well as the insoles’ five-layer foam impact rebound system, your feet will be well protected from virtually anything they may encounter on your jobsite, even if it features countless hazards that might have otherwise negatively impacted your feet and posture. 

Lightweight Boot Insoles

As you know, the lighter your boots are, the more easily you’ll be able to walk and complete your job tasks in a fast, efficient manner. Lightness also tends to lead to high breathability, comfort and dryness, each of which tend to enhance your productivity as well. But what about your insoles? Shouldn’t they, much like your boots, be lightweight, too? In short, yes—without question! 

The boot insoles offer you the lightweight composition your feet deserve. Featuring a variety of light materials, the insoles are hardly noticeable, even after you’ve worked in high humidity, high heat or steady rainfall. Your feet will feel, well, light…no matter how long your shift lasts. 

Odor Control

Providing odor control treatment as well, as they prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus, the insoles will help your feet maintain a pleasant smell, whether you’re working in temperatures approaching 100℉ or high humidity for a few hours, while rarely taking breaks. Consequently, your feet will be as comfortable as possible, as they’ll not only remain dry (as mentioned earlier), but protected from harmful bacteria and fungus, each of which can have significant negative impacts. 


Additionally, the product offers considerable variety. First off, they’re available in 10 sizes, ranging from 4-4.5 men’s to 13-13.5 men’s. And the CUSH lineup, as a whole, provides variety as well, as nine products are currently available, ranging in price (from $35 to $45), as well as thickness (4 millimeters thick for Classic offerings and 6 millimeters thick for the Impact offerings). 

Each CUSH insole is also diverse. Some have bright purple colors with pictures of birds, cars, dragons, planets and plants. Others have photos of clouds or practically white backgrounds. Yet others have blue backgrounds, along with pictures of birds, butterflies, campers, frogs, mountains and trees. 

Quite colorful, the boot insoles, for example, have a purple and red background, as well as a picture of a light blue truck and a large werewolf, which is driving it. To say the least, the insoles are unique, not only with regards to their various features, but their overall look, too. There’s simply nothing else on the market quite like them. You’ll not only feel good whenever you wear them—you’ll also look good. 

Should You Purchase Remind Insoles CUSH IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch | Chico Brenes 57 Werewolf Boot Insoles? 

If you’re seeking comfort, durability and protection from several elements, yes! Again, the insoles have bio-mechanically engineered arch shapes that will improve your body and foot alignment, resulting in an enhancement in balance, foot health, posture and stability. 

Moreover, the insoles will enable you to have customized fits, as well as an even weight distribution, due to their “Self-Forming Technology”. You’ll, in turn, have perfect fits, over and over again, as your odds of foot injuries, regardless of their severity, will decline. 

Your feet will remain dry, odor-free and protected from bacteria and fungus for several hours too, as a result of the insoles’ organic moisture wicker treatment and odor control treatment. For further comfort, the insoles are also lightweight, leading to their high breathability as well. 

When you factor in each of these characteristics, you have an insole that is highly comfortable for hours on end, as you wear it for up to a year, prior to replacing it most likely. The insoles’ potential for longevity is practically guaranteed, in fact, due to their components. 

To ensure your feet are protected from abrasions, the insoles have a high shock impact diffuser, too. In addition, they have an Extreme Impact Protection material, which can absorb up to 90% of impact energy. Your posture and overall foot health will benefit substantially on a short- and long-term basis. 

And, finally, the insoles will provide you variety in several ways, from their sizes to their thicknesses, to their colors and designs. If you were ever told that insoles are “boring,” these boot insoles will prove that theory wrong! 

In conclusion, the insoles—although they’re among the highest priced of the CUSH lineup, as they cost $45—are certainly worth every dollar you’ll need to spend. The bottom of the box they’re shipped in says it all: 100% Pure Goodness!  

By purchasing the CUSH IMPACT 6MM Mid-High Arch | Chico Brenes 57 Werewolf Boot Insoles you’ll receive everything you’ve longed for, with regards to insoles—and more! 

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