Best Utility Pants for Electrical Work


As you’ve purchased utility pants in the past—or researched online for various options to purchase—you may have asked yourself one primary question. What exactly are they anyways? 

The answer to this question tends to be a mystery among many workers in the construction industry. After all, some consider cargo pants to be utility pants, while others believe carpenter pants are. On the other hand, some think that carpenter pants and double knee pants are utility pants instead. 

Simply put, they’re all four of these, and more. So, what leads a pair of pants to be considered “utility pants” in the first place? What separates them from other types of pants, and what do they provide that other pants may not be able to? 

To be categorized as “utility pants”, they should offer you the following benefits. 

Why Buy Utility Pants? 

First, utility pants must be durable—highly durable, in fact. You should be able to have confidence in knowing they’ll last for several months, if not years, even if you wear them on a regular or even daily basis. Most likely, you’ll receive instructions from the pants’ manufacturer, concerning the ways in which you should maintain them. As long as you follow these instructions, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to utilize them well into the future. 

To ensure durability, some utility pants are water- or fire-resistant too, two characteristics that are vital if you work in dangerous areas in which you might be exposed to flames or in regions that are especially known for heavy rainfall or snowfall. If you’re regularly in wet environments or conducting jobs that may require exposure to flames, you should definitely consider purchasing a pair of utility pants, not only for the comfort and dryness they’ll provide, but the protection they’ll offer, too. 

Oftentimes, these work pants feature fabrics that dry quickly and resist stains and wrinkles as well, leading to even further durability, while also helping you maintain a professional appearance. Some pants have very stretchable fabrics too, such as spandex, which enable you to easily bend and stretch on your jobsite, resulting in higher productivity. For further comfort and flexibility, they’re also typically provided in a variety of fits, ranging from classic, to relaxed, to slim, among others, allowing you to choose a pair of pants that’s most suitable for you. 

Aside from enabling easy movement on the job, utility pants are generally very breathable as well. First off, as mentioned, they’ll often withstand water, ensuring you remain dry, regardless of how wet your jobsite is. But, just as importantly, their fabrics tend to lead to a high amount of air circulation too, allowing you to maintain a cool body temperature, even in the midst of a hot, humid day. 

Finally, utility pants should have a variety of pockets that can easily be opened and closed, allowing you to store several types of small items, including tools you may need on the job, as well as your cell phone. Sometimes they’ll also feature hammer loops, so that you don’t have to carry a tool belt (or, if you do, at least not a very large one). And, to ensure you’re even further protected, some utility pants will offer you additional material in each of its knees, along with the ability to utilize knee pads, if necessary. 

In order to notice most, if not all, of these benefits, IronPros advises you to consider purchasing the following utility pants. As you consider each of these options, please conduct your own research to determine which pants are the most ideal for you and your specific needs. In doing so, you’ll find the best match for you, leading to long-term comfort, protection and usage. 

5.11 Stryke Pants, Style #74369 

5.11 Stryke Pants, Style #74369.

Comprised of 6.76-ounce ripstop fabric, these pants are comfortable (due to their lightweight), durable (as a result of their stain resistance) and flexible (primarily due to their two-way mechanical stretch). Featuring a self-adjustable waistband that ensures they’ll fit you perfectly time after time, the machine washable pants also have articulated knees, along with inseams that enable you to wear kneepads, thus ensuring your knees are protected from virtually everything. Offering a 65% polyester and 35% cotton composition, resulting in softness and long-term comfort, the pants are available in 12 colors. And they have 12 pockets, allowing you to store a variety of items while you work. 

Best Features: Articulated knees; stain resistance 

Price: $82.00 – Buy utility pants on 

CQR Men’s Flex Ripstop Tactical Pants 

CQR Men’s Flex Ripstop Tactical Pants.

Offered in 30 colors, these pants will provide you considerable variety, while also ensuring you’re highly comfortable. First, they’re comprised of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%), leading to their breathability, as air can easily pass through them and moisture can be circulated, ensuring you aren’t overheated as you work in high humidity and temperatures. Featuring a water-repellant finish, the pants are very durable too, as long as you maintain them properly—by either machine washing them at low temperatures or hand washing them yourself. In addition, since the pants have a unique 3D pattern design, you’ll be able to easily move around in them, as you bend, kneel and stretch. 

Best Features: 30 colors; 3D pattern design ensure high mobility  

Price: $48.98 – Buy utility pants on 

Dickies Original 874 Work Pants 

Dickies Original 874 Work Pants.

An American classic, these pants are considered to be Dickies’ most popular offering—and for good reason. Comprised of 8.5-ounce twill and a blend of polyester (65%) and cotton (35%), they’re not only highly comfortable and durable, but also easy to maintain, as they can be machine washed over and over again. Stain and wrinkle resistant, the pants, which are offered in 17 colors, have a hook-and-eye waist closure, along with tunnel belt loops, leading to a great fit, time after time. Featuring various pockets for storage purposes, including back and side seam front pockets, these pants enable you to carry several items at a time.  

Best Features: 17 colors; stain and wrinkle resistance 

Price: $18.49 - $29.99 – Buy utility pants on 

Truewerk T2 WerkPants 

Truewerk T2 WerkPants.

Due to their composition (85% nylon and 15% spandex), these pants are highly flexible, enabling you to easily bend down, kneel and stretch as often as you need to on the job—for as long as necessary. You’ll also be very comfortable for hours on end, as their composition ensures they’re lightweight and highly breathable, even as you work during the peak of summer. Providing a four-way stretch and a gusseted crotch, resulting in further mobility, the Truewerk pants are highly durable too, as they’re abrasion and tear resistant. Additionally, their outer surface can repel water, allowing them to dry quickly, regardless of the torrential downpours you may encounter. 

Best Features: Abrasion and tear resistance; four-way stretch 

Price: $79.00 – Buy utility pants on 

Wrangler RIGGS Workwear Technician Pants  

Wrangler RIGGS Workwear Technician Pants.

Machine washable, these 100% ripstop cotton pants offer you the manufacturer’s Room2Move fit technology, which enables you to have a high range of motion, as they provide a great fit, particularly with regards to their knees, seat and thighs. As a result, they’re also very comfortable, as they can be worn for very long shifts. Durable, due to their ripstop composition, needle stitching and additional reinforcement in high-wear areas, the pants are available in four colors and 21 sizes, ranging from 30 to 60. And they’ll allow you to carry several tools with you, as they have two back pockets, two front pockets and a side leg pocket. 

Best Features: 21 sizes; Room2Move fit technology  

Price: $28.97 - $32.97 – Buy utility pants on 

FAQs for Utility Pants 

Which type of utility pants should I purchase? 

It’s truly up to you. They’re each built to last, while also helping you remain comfortable on the job and protected from various elements, whether you choose to purchase cargo, carpenter, double knee or painter pants, among other options. Consider purchasing a couple different types—and then wear them on the job, in order to see which ones are the most appropriate for you and your specific needs. 

Why are some utility pants less affordable than others? 

Oftentimes, price is associated with durability. The more you pay, the more likely your pants will endure for a longer period of time. Consider quality, rather than quantity. Each of the pants listed in this article will provide you the quality you’re seeking, regardless of their cost. 

How long will my utility pants last? 

It really depends on the brand. Some are built to last for several months, while others may endure for two years or more! It also depends on you—you must do your part and maintain them properly, while following each manufacturer’s instructions, with regards to washing and drying. 

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