Top 5 Reflective Vest Products for Roadwork and Asphalt Projects


It’s better to be safe than sorry. As a construction worker, you’ve likely heard that phrase far more than you’d like to admit to.

However, it’s overall premise is spot on—when you’re conducting roadwork and asphalt projects, you should do everything you can to remain as safe as possible. From helmets, to high-quality boots, to gloves, you should wear everything you can to maintain your safety on a short- and long-term basis.

After all, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, roughly one in five workplace deaths occurred in the construction industry in 2021. Approximately 35 percent of these tragedies were a direct result of falls, slips, and trips.

Other fatalities were associated with collisions, including instances in which users’ machinery collided with workers as they were conducting their on-the-job tasks. To minimize these tragic deaths, along with injuries (thousands upon thousands are reported every year), you must also wear a reflective vest throughout your shift, as it will provide you a variety of benefits.

Why Buy a Reflective Vest?

First off, the visibility of reflective vests is second to none. Gone are the days that you blended into your jobsite, especially in the early morning and late evening. By wearing high-visibility reflective vests, you’ll stand out from the crowd, no matter where your roadwork and asphalt projects are occurring. In turn, you’ll be able to work wherever—and whenever—you’d like, even if you prefer night shifts.

Of course, each vest is different. Some vests may provide you the protection you need during low-light hours, while others may not. Prior to purchasing one, you must verify whether or not your preferred vest will protect you in the exact manner you need to be protected.

By wearing the most suitable reflective vest possible for your specific needs, your fellow colleagues, who serve as equipment and forklift operators and truck drivers, will avoid any life-changing collisions, too. Therefore, their confidence on the job will potentially rise considerably, as they’ll know exactly where each of their team members are as they conduct their driving tasks. In fact, their confidence will remain intact regardless of the weather conditions they encounter, such as fog, heavy rain and snow.

Often highly comfortable too, as they tend to be lightweight, enabling you to wear one for hours on end without hardly noticing it, each reflective vest can help your employer showcase its logo too, resulting in practically free advertising all day long. At the same time, reflective vests can help you identify your fellow teammates. For instance, if everyone assigned to a particular job task wears the exact same type of reflective vest, particularly concerning colors, you’ll know exactly who is available to assist you whenever you need an extra hand. Therefore, productivity will rise, downtime will decrease and camaraderie with your fellow team members will be enhanced.

Finally, you’ll be able to wear them no matter which weather conditions you have to encounter on your jobsite, as they’re very breathable, allowing them to be worn on hot summer days. And since they’re flexible and easy to put on (and take off), you can place them over your winter jacket as well, thereby ensuring you’re always comfortable, no matter how hot or cold it may be outside.

To notice each of the benefits, IronPros advises you to conduct more research about the following reflective vests and then—if you find one that’s the most suitable for you, your jobsite and your shift times—purchase it as soon as possible, in order to ensure you remain safe, rather than sorry.

Dib Safety High-visibility Reflective Vest

construction reflective vest

Dib Safety High-visibility Reflective Vest.

Utilizing a 2-inch-wide 3M reflective tape that’s comprised of wide angle retroreflective lenses, this vest also has additional reflective trim around its arms. And, of equal importance, it has reflective piping on each of its sides, along with its utility pocket, leading to even further visibility. Aside from its various reflective features, the machine washable vest is comfortable as well, as it has a 100% polyester yellow mesh and breathable sides, enabling it to be worn for several hours at a time. Highly durable too, as a result of its design, the vest also has several pockets for storage, including cargo pockets that have adjustable flaps.

Best Features: 3M reflective tape; several pockets for storage

Price: $21.99 – Buy Reflective Vest on Amazon.com

HYCOPROT High-visibility Reflective Vest

reflective vest

HYCOPROT High-visibility Reflective Vest.

Available in 21 colors, this vest has a variety of reflective strips on its back, chest, shoulders and waist that will provide you 360-degree protection as you work in low light conditions. Featuring five pockets that enable ample storage, including a transparent ID badge holder and a pouch holder that can be used for a flashlight, the vest is comprised of 100% polyester. As a result, it’s not only durable, but breathable and lightweight too, leading to long-term comfort, even on hot days. For further protection, the vest’s reflective strips are also 2 inches in diameter, resulting in high visibility, regardless of when your shift occurs.

Best Features: 21 colors; several reflective strips for 360-degree protection

Price: $11.99 – Buy Reflective Vest on Amazon.com

JKSafety High-visibility Reflective Vest

reflective vest

JKSafety High-visibility Reflective Vest.

Offered in 36 colors, this vest provides flexibility in another key manner: its size, which ranges from medium to 5X-large. Comprised of 100% polyester, leading to its high breathability, lightweight and durability, the machine washable vest has several 2-inch-wide reflective strips. As a result of its variety of strips, you’ll have 360-degree protection as you work in low-light conditions, as its back, chest, shoulders and waist each feature the reflective strips. For further variety, the vest, which is ANSI/ISEA 107-compliant, has nine front pockets, too. Each pocket has a Velcro clamshell closure that enables you to easily open and close it, as you transport items like flashlights.

Best Features: 36 colors; 360-degree protection, due to its various reflective strips

Price: $11.99 – Buy Reflective Vest on Amazon.com

PeerBasics High-visibility Reflective Vest

reflective vest

PeerBasics High-visibility Reflective Vest.

Available in a pack of 10, in order to ensure you have a considerable amount of vests on a long-term basis, this offering not only provides you quantity, but quality, too. After all, it has high-visibility reflective silver strips that wrap around each vest, from its front to its back and from one side to the other, resulting in 360-degree protection. Consequently, you’ll remain visible to fellow employees, equipment and forklift operators, and truck drivers. Lightweight, breathable and comfortable, the vest can also be worn by nearly everyone, as it has one size that fits most, whether you need to wear it over your t-shirt or jacket.

Best Features: 360-degree protection; one size fits most

Price: $22.97 – Buy Reflective Vest on Amazon.com

ViewBrite Safety Products High-visibility Reflective Vest

reflective vest

ViewBrite Safety Products High-visibility Reflective Vest.

Due to this vest’s bright neon yellow, you’ll remain visible regardless of when you work, even if you’re required to work at night. Able to reflect a considerable amount of light as you work in dim conditions, the vest is highly comfortable too, as it’s comprised of 100% polyester. Offering an adjustable waist, so that you can alter its size, depending on if you’re working with a t-shirt or a winter jacket, the vest—which is available in six sizes—also has also hook and loop closures. In addition, it has various pockets that can be used to display your ID and store some of your items, too.

Best Features: Adjustable waist; bright neon yellow ensures visibility at all times

Price: $16.99 – Buy Reflective Vest on Amazon.com

Things to Consider When Buying a Reflective Vest

How long will my reflective vest likely last for?

It depends on the brand you purchase. As is usually the case, you’ll receive what you pay for, with regards to quality and durability. If you maintain your reflective vest—while following the manufacturer’s directions, with regards to washing and drying—you could very well be able to wear it for months, if not years to come.

Which colors should I consider purchasing?

Orange and yellow are the most popular, by far, as they’ll ensure you stand out against most of your jobsite’s backgrounds. However, depending on where you work, another color may provide an even better contrast than orange and yellow will. It truly depends on your personal preferences, your jobsite and your employer’s requirements. Always ensure you know exactly which color your employer prefers before you ever purchase a certain color.

Aside from visibility, what else should I look for as I purchase my next reflective vest?

Comfort. You must find a work vest that’s breathable and lightweight so that you hardly notice you’re wearing it, even if you’re required to wear it for hours on end. And you should purchase a vest that you can wear over a winter jacket too, especially if you work in colder climates.

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