Best Wrangler Work Shirts for On-the-job Comfort


When C.C. Hudson accepted an offer to work in an overall factory in 1897—where he sewed on buttons for $0.25 per day—he couldn’t have ever imagined what would transpire down the road. Seven years later, after the factory closed, he founded the Hudson Overall Company, alongside his brother, Homer.

From there, the company eventually changed its name to Blue Bell Overall Company. Upon changing its name, the company ultimately introduced Super Big Ben Overalls, which has less than 1% shrinkage, to the public. Due to this product’s success, the company continued to expand, as it acquired Casey Jones Company, a work clothing manufacturer, in 1943. As a result of the acquisition, Blue Bell Overall Company received the rights to Casey Jones’ brand name, Wrangler, which has since become one of the world’s most recognized brands.

Today, Wrangler offers a variety of clothing options for construction workers, including button down shirts, jackets, jeans, sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts and vests. Furthermore, it provides several accessories too, such as belts and hats. Although the manufacturer is particularly known for its jeans, it is also becoming more and more recognized for its work shirts.

After all, Wrangler’s work shirts offer construction workers, like you, a variety of benefits, including the following.

Why Buy Wrangler Work Shirts?

First, Wrangler work shirts are very comfortable, as they’re often comprised of cotton, along with other materials that ensure they’re soft, generally starting with the day in which they’re first worn. As a result, you’ll want to wear them during long shifts, even while working overtime hours. They’re often so comfortable, in fact, that some construction workers choose to wear them away from their jobsites, too.

Due to their comfort, your productivity on the job may increase as well, as jobsite output is regularly associated with workers’ overall comfortability. The more comfortable you are, the more likely you’ll be able to perform to the best of your abilities for a longer amount of time, period.

Alongside their comfort, Wrangler work shirts provide another critical benefit to construction workers: they tend to fit properly. More often than not, they’re not too loose or too tight, as they fit just right. In fact, they typically have a standard true-to-size fit, which enables you to order whichever size you normally do, without having to worry about whether or not you should have purchased a size down or up instead.

In addition to their comfort and proper fitting, Wrangler work shirts are highly durable, as they’re built to last. Such durability is especially critical on jobsites in which wear and tear is prominent, due to on-the-job hazards and typical job tasks. If your job requires you to complete work that consistently impacts your shirts in a negative way, you should consider purchasing Wrangler work shirts, thereby ensuring you have shirts that will likely endure long term, regardless of how often they’re worn.

As IRONPROS always stresses though, it’s crucial for you to do your part, in order to maintain your shirts’ durability after purchasing them. Ensure you follow Wrangler’s instructions, regarding washing and drying, time after time again. By doing everything you can to properly maintain them on a consistent basis, your Wrangler shirts will potentially endure for years to come, leading to numerous benefits.

To increase your comfort on the job, all while wearing a durable, true-to-size shirt, consider purchasing one of the following five options.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Chambray Work Shirt

construction shirt

Wrangler work shirts.

Comprised of 100% cotton chambray, this short sleeve shirt was created for comfort. Featuring the manufacturer’s room2move fit technology, the 4.5-ounce cotton chambray shirt offers you plenty of room. In turn, it’s not only highly breathable, but it also ensures you have high freedom of movement, as you bend down, kneel and stretch to complete your job tasks. Providing two front pockets that can be used to store items like pens, pencils and small tools, the shirt is available in nine sizes, ranging from medium to 4XT. Aside from its two front chest pockets, the shirt features a button down collar too, leading to a classic look.

Best Features: Nine sizes; room2move fit technology

Price: $29.80 – Buy Wrangler Work Shirts

Wrangler Riggs Workwear FR Flame Resistant Twill Solid Work Shirt

construction shirt

Wrangler work shirts.

If you ever encounter flames on your jobsite, you should consider purchasing this shirt. Flame resistant, due to its fire retardant Nomex threads, the shirt will not only protect you from fires, but potential injuries associated with forklift and truck collisions, too. To reduce the likelihood of these injuries, the shirt features an exterior ID that is bright orange, enabling the shirt to be more visible as you work in low visibility conditions. Available in 10 sizes, ranging from medium to 3XT, the shirt is offered in three colors: grey, khaki and navy. It’s also comprised of various materials, including flame-resistant viscose (50%), Meta-Aramid (33%) and nylon (10%).

Best Features: Bright orange exterior ID; fire retardant Nomex threads

Price: $56.20 - $79.99 – Buy Wrangler Work Shirts

Wrangler Riggs Workwear FR Flame Resistant Long Sleeve Lightweight Henley

construction shirt

Wrangler work shirts.

Able to be utilized on jobsites that may have electrical hazards and flames, this shirt will offer the protection you need, especially as you conduct job tasks in difficult working conditions. Featuring long sleeves that will help you remain warm during the fall, winter and spring, the shirt is also soft and, in turn, comfortable for long durations, due to its 100% cotton composition. Available in two colors, Castle Rock and navy, the shirt is offered in 10 sizes, ranging from medium to 3XT. Providing one front pocket for storage purposes, particularly for small items, the shirt is highly breathable too, ensuring you won’t sweat while working for several hours at a time.

Best Features: 10 sizes; electrical hazard protection

Price: $55.86 - $90.99 – Buy Wrangler Work Shirts

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Long Sleeve Button Down Solid Twill Work Shirt

construction shirt

Wrangler work shirts.

Available in five colors—black, burgundy, forest green, khaki and navy—this shirt is comprised of 7-ounce, 100% cotton peach twill. Offered in nine sizes, ranging from medium to 4XT, this shirt utilizes room2move fit technology as well. Consequently, it provides high breathability, along with a high range of motion, regardless of how often you have to bend, kneel and stretch. Featuring two front chest pockets, which can be used to store items like pens, pencils and small tools, the shirt also has a hidden utility loop. Providing a two button, adjustable cuff, the shirt has a button down collar too, leading to a classic look.

Best Features: room2move fit technology; two front chest pockets for storage purposes

Price: $36.19 - $39.99 – Buy Wrangler Work Shirts

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Long Sleeve Solid Henley

construction shirt

Wrangler work shirts.

Able to be worn in various temperatures, due to its long sleeves, this shirt is available in three colors: charcoal grey, navy and oatmeal heather. Offered in 15 sizes, ranging from medium to 5XT, the shirt is not only comfortable and soft, but flexible, too. After all, it’s comprised of cotton (90%) and polyester (10%). To ensure further comfort, the shirt has a “tagless” label, along with a taped neck seam and vented, taped side seams. Highly durable, due to its triple needle stitching composition, the shirt has a ribbed collar and a ribbed cuff as well. Additionally, it has a relaxed fit, ensuring it’s not too tight.

Best Features: 15 sizes; vented, taped side seams

Price: $26.99 – Buy Wrangler Work Shirts

FAQs for Wrangler Work Shirts

As I clean my Wrangler work shirts, is there anything I should especially keep in mind?

Avoid bleach at all costs! Bleach will likely destroy your shirts, leading you to no longer use items that were created with long-term usage in mind.

How should I clean and dry my Wrangler work shirts?

Machine wash them on a cold cycle, while utilizing a laundry detergent. Afterwards, tumble dry them on low. If necessary, use a non-chlorine bleach as well.

How can I ensure my cotton work shirts don’t shrink, especially on a noticeable basis?

As with any workwear item, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, concerning drying. As long as you tumble dry them on low, you should be able to avoid any risk of noticeable shrinkage—even if they’re comprised of 100% cotton.

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