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The year was 1889. Benjamin Harrison was sworn in as the United States’ 23rd President. The Coca-Cola Company was incorporated. And Hamilton Carhartt founded Hamilton Carhartt & Company, which, like the Coca-Cola Company, has since become one of the world’s most popular brands—and for good reason.

After all, the manufacturer, which began as a Michigan-based overall producer (utilizing only two sewing machines at the time), has expanded globally, as more than 5,300 employees are currently employed. Known simply as Carhartt now, the manufacturer has released a wide assortment of men’s, women’s, unisex, children’s and infants’ clothing.

As an example of the manufacturer’s variety, it currently offers construction workers, like you, bib coveralls, boots, gloves, hats, hoodies, overalls, pants, shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, t-shirts and work shirts. In addition, it provides items like bags, belts and safety glasses, which can also be utilized on your jobsite.

One of the manufacturer’s offerings has steadily gained popularity in recent years: double knee pants. Available in 12 options, some of which have been created for women too, Carhartt’s double knee pants (known by the manufacturer as “double front” pants) provide an array of benefits, including the following, which have led to their ever-increasing popularity.

Why Buy Carhartt Double Knee Pants?

Above all else, Carhartt’s double knee pants are highly durable, as they feature additional material on each of their knees. Due to their reinforced knees, the pants typically have longer lifespans than other pants on the market, as pants’ knee areas are the segments that will normally become worn first.

Such durability is especially important if you’re frequently required to kneel on your jobsite, as the extra material will not only increase their durability, but enhance your knee protection as well, even if you work on concrete regularly. Of course, the more protection your knees receive, the more likely you are to avoid short- and long-term knee issues, including injuries that may lead you to leave work for long periods of time. Through Carhartt’s double knee pants, you’ll reduce your likelihood of injury-associated downtime, resulting in higher productivity on a more consistent basis.

For further knee protection, some of Carhartt’s double knee pants feature openings that can be utilized for knee pads, too. As a result, your knees will be protected from on-the-job hazards as much as possible. Developed for a wide array of knee pads, including those designed by Carhartt itself, the pants’ knee pads will enable you to clean out debris as well, so that you can remove any potentially harmful materials before they injure your knees.

Aside from increasing your knees’ protection, Carhartt’s double knee pants will also offer you high comfort, as they’re comprised of cotton. Although they may take some time to “break in”, so to speak, once they do, you’ll feel quite comfortable while wearing them, regardless of how often you have to move on your jobsite.

Additionally, the pants are available in three types of fits: loose, relaxed and straight. Consequently, you’ll have plenty of variety, as you strive to find a pair that fits you the most suitably. And, finally, they’re offered in numerous waist sizes and lengths, leading to even more options as you prepare to purchase the most apt pair possible.

To relish each of these benefits firsthand, along with others, IRONPROS advises you to consider purchasing one of the following five Carhartt double-knee pants, especially as temperatures continue to decrease throughout much of the United States.

Loose Fit Firm Duck Double-front Utility Work Pants

double knee pants

Loose Fit Firm Duck Double-front Utility Work Pants.

Available in 15 waist sizes, ranging from 28 to 50, these pants provide considerable variety, enabling nearly everyone to wear them. Offered in four lengths too, ranging from 30 to 36, the pants are comprised of 12-ounce, 100% cotton duck canvas, leading to long-term comfort and durability. For even more durability, the pants have double-layer knees as well, which feature openings for debris removal and knee pads. Providing ample storage opportunities, as they have back pockets for hand tools, the straight leg pants also have several tool and utility pockets. And, of equal importance, they have a hammer loop too, which is located on their left leg.

Best Features: 15 waist sizes; ample storage opportunities

Price: $59.99 – Buy double knee pants on

Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Canvas Double-front Utility Work Pants

double knee pants

Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Canvas Double-front Utility Work Pants.

Offered in 14 waist sizes (from 30 to 50) and four lengths (from 30 to 36), these pants can also be worn by virtually everyone. And, due to their various features, practically everyone will want to wear them, too. First, they feature Rugged Flex stretch technology, leading to high flexibility, as you bend, kneel and stretch on your jobsite. For further flexibility, the pants also have gusseted crotches, resulting in even more freedom of movement. Additionally, for high comfort, the pants are comprised of cotton and spandex. Providing double-layer knees for knee pads, the pants offer numerous storage opportunities as well, including back, cell phone and front pockets.

Best Features: Gusseted crotches; Rugged Flex stretch technology

Price: $59.99 – Buy double knee pants on

Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Duck Double-front Utility Work Pants

double knee pants

Rugged Flex Relaxed Fit Duck Double-front Utility Work Pants.

Comprised of cotton (99%) and spandex (1%), these pants also feature Rugged Flex stretch technology, resulting in high flexibility and freedom of movement, as you conduct various tasks on your jobsite. Offering a variety of options for storage—from front pockets, to reinforced-lined back pockets, to tool pockets—the pants have double-layer knees, too. As a result, they have openings not only for knee pads, but debris removal as well, thereby ensuring your knees are fully protected from practically any on-the-job hazard. Providing comfort throughout their thighs, the straight leg pants are available in four lengths. Furthermore, they’re offered in 14 sizes, ranging from 30 to 50.

Best Features: Rugged Flex stretch technology; several pockets for tool storage

Price: $69.99 – Buy double knee pants on

Rugged Flex Steel Cargo Double-front Pants

double knee pants

Rugged Flex Steel Cargo Double-front Pants.

Utilizing Rugged Flex stretch technology, these pants also feature Cordura, a variety of synthetic fiber-based fabric technologies that may enhance their durability. As an example of the pants’ Cordura offerings and, in turn, high durability and strength, they have Cordura back pockets, a Cordura gusseted crotch, Cordura-reinforced front ledge pockets and a Cordura utility loop. Not to mention, they feature Cordura knee pad pockets too, which can be completely cleaned out too, due to their openings. Available in nine waist sizes, ranging from 30 to 42, and four lengths, ranging from 30 to 36, the pants are comprised of cotton (73%) and spandex (3%) as well.

Best Features: Cordura gusseted crotch; Cordura pockets, including knee pad pockets

Price: $99.99 – Buy double knee pants on

Rugged Flex Steel Multi Pocket Double-front Pants

double knee pants

Rugged Flex Steel Multi Pocket Double-front Pants.

Featuring Rugged Flex stretch technology as well, these pants are comprised of cotton (59%), polyester (39%) and spandex ripstop (2%), resulting in further flexibility. Able to sit at your waist, the straight leg pants offer a comfortable fit throughout your thighs, enabling you to freely move around on your jobsite. Providing fully articulated knees with flat back seams, the pants utilize Cordura, too. As an example, they have Cordura flex-lined back pockets, Cordura-lined front ledge pockets and a Cordura ruler pocket. Furthermore, they have Cordura knee pad pockets, which will enable you to not only insert knee pads into them, but also remove any potentially harmful debris.

Best Features: Fully articulated knees; several Cordura pockets

Price: $89.99 – Buy double knee pants on

Things to Know about Carhartt Double Knee Pants

As I clean my Carhartt double knee pants, what should I avoid?

Bleach! Don’t ever use bleach as you wash your pants, as it will potentially destroy their overall appearance. In turn, you may no longer be able to wear pants that were originally designed for longevity. Please don’t take the chance, so that you can possibly wear them for years to come!

What else should I keep in mind as I wash my Carhartt double knee pants?

Generally, you’ll want to machine wash your pants on a cold, gentle cycle, while utilizing a mild detergent. As with any workwear, follow the manufacturer’s instructions, with regards to washing.

How should I dry them after they’re washed?

Usually, you’ll want to tumble dry them on low, prior to removing them from the dryer as soon as they’re fully dried. Don’t ever iron or dry clean them, as such drying processes may shrink them. Again, you should always follow Carhartt’s instructions.

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