Product Review: Truewerk Cloud Work Pants


“These are the lightest pants I have ever worn. [They] keep the saw dust out of my shoes, but [they’re] just as comfortable as shorts.” – Virgil W., Cloud Pants purchaser

As a result of their comfort, light weight and protection, more and more customers are joining people like Virgil W., as they’re purchasing several pairs of Truewerk’s Cloud Pants.

A member of the manufacturer’s Cloud lineup, which includes three shirts, a pair of shorts and a bucket hat, the pants follow suit with Brian Ciciora’s original vision for Truewerk.

After all, when he founded the company in 2015, he was focused on providing a wide range of clothing options to skilled trades professionals, which they’ll actually want to wear for long periods of time, regardless of their shifts’ lengths.

Much like Truewerk’s hats, hoodies, shorts, shirts and socks, among its various other offerings, skilled trades professionals—like you—may even be interested in wearing Cloud Pants away from their jobsites.

Without question, I definitely would. In fact, upon receiving them in the mail from Truewerk, in order to experience their numerous positives firsthand, I realized immediately that I would be wearing them on a casual basis, too.

As an example, since wearing them for the first time a few days ago, while conducting tasks like cutting wood, filling concrete driveway cracks and shoveling dirt, I have worn them at a restaurant, a gathering with friends and a family reunion.

To say the least, they’re highly adaptable, much like Truewerk’s other pants. How many work pants have you truly wanted to wear for hours on end, even when you’re not at work? Most likely, there are a handful, if that.

Due to their adaptability, Cloud Pants are quite unique in the construction industry. Practically anyone can wear them, no matter which types of tasks they have to conduct, where they work or how long they tend to work for.

Simply put, as is the case with many other Truewerk offerings, they provide something for everyone, including the following benefits, leading me—and my fellow IRONPROS team members—to recommend them to you.

work pants

Truewerk Cloud Work Pants. Credit: Goldenrod Photography


Offering an air flow of 20 cfm (cubic feet per minute), which is considered quite high for work pants, Cloud Pants are, in turn, very breathable. Consequently, you’ll be able to wear them on very hot days. As a matter of fact, you may find that they’re the most ideal for high temperatures, as they aren’t likely thick enough for cold weather usage, unless they’re worn with other layers.

Even if you aren’t a fan of working in high heat, you’ll have no issue wearing these pants, as their breathability will steadily continue. You probably won’t notice high humidity either, which you very well may have if you were wearing some of the shorts that are currently on the market.


As a result of their breathability, among other aspects, the pants are highly comfortable, too. In my opinion, their comfort can’t be stressed enough. You’ll hardly notice you’re wearing them after a short amount of time. For me, within a matter of minutes of first trying them on, I completely forgot I was wearing a new pair of pants, as they didn’t require much time to “break them in”, so to speak.

First off, they’re very soft, as they’re comprised of cotton and polyester. Personally, I believe their softness is the key aspect associated with their comfort. They’re so soft, inside and out, that I was able to wear them all day long the very first day I wore them—without having to replace them with another pair of pants. Most likely, you won’t want to take them off either.


Unfortunately, due to their light weight, these pants aren’t among the most durable offerings in the construction industry. Nonetheless, despite their lightness and softness, they’re still quite durable. On Truewerk’s website, purchasers have complimented the pants’ durability, leading them to mention they’d be purchasing several more down the road.

To ensure your pants maintain their durability for months, if not years, to come, you must implement the following cleaning instructions though.

work pants

Truewerk Cloud Work Pants. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

Easy to Clean

Many customers will wear their Cloud Pants every day, or nearly every day, at least, due to their breathability and comfort. Of course, if they’re being worn that often, they should be cleaned that often too, especially if you’re working in dirty areas. Don’t worry about the pants being worn out by your washer and dryer, as they were built to endure practically daily usage and washes—a direct result of their composition.

However, as I mentioned, despite their durability, they aren’t the most robust construction pants in the industry, so you must avoid certain types of cleaning methods, in order to acquire the longest lifespans possible.

First, don’t ever dry clean them. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach at all times, no matter which types of stains you’d like to remove with bleach. And don’t ever iron them. They should be practically wrinkle free if you remove them from the dryer shortly after they’ve finished drying and then hang them in your closet.

To maintain their durability long term, wash them in cold water with similar colors only. And, upon doing so, tumble dry them at a low temperature, thereby ensuring they won’t shrink at all.

Highly Stretchable

For further comfort, the pants have a four-way stretch as well. Consequently, they’re very flexible, as they’ll enable you to have a high range of motion, whether you need to bend down, kneel or stretch on your jobsite. You’ll have no discomfort at all, regardless of how often you need to move in awkward positions as you conduct your job tasks. And, in turn, you’ll be able to freely finish practically any type of job task, no matter how high or low you need to bend or stretch.


As mentioned, the pants are also very light, another main aspect of their overall comfort. Due to their lightness, you can easily move around in them. The primary reason? You’ll never feel “bogged down” by the heaviness that’s associated with some of the other work pants frequently purchased by construction workers.

Moreover, you’ll be able to quickly move from one job task to another without hardly breaking a sweat (from your waist and below, at least), as their lightweight composition ensures you remain as cool as possible, even during those extremely hot July and August days.

Quick to Dry

In order to ensure you can wear them in high heat and humidity, Cloud Pants also feature drying and sweat-wicking technology. As a result, your pants will quickly wick away any sweat from your legs, while drying rapidly too, even as you work in rainy conditions. The drier you remain, the more comfortable you’ll be. And, of course, the more comfortable you are, the better you’ll perform on your jobsite short and long term, leading to higher productivity and, potentially, other benefits related to your throughput.

work pants

Truewerk Cloud Work Pants. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

Reliable Fit

You know how it is. You order a pair of pants, while providing the manufacturer your typical size, only to receive to find out they don’t fit properly upon receiving them in the mail. That will never be an issue whenever you order Cloud Pants though, as they’re always true to size, whether you purchase a small, medium, large, extra-large, extra-extra-large or extra-extra-extra-large pair. If you happen to be considered somewhere in between these sizes, Truewerk advises you to order one size larger than you normally would.

Storage Capabilities

Recently, I discussed the wide array of storage opportunities that Truewerk’s T1 WerkShorts provide (eight pockets in all). Much like T1 WerkShorts, Cloud Pants offer a variety of storage capabilities too—five pockets, along with a pencil holder. First, it has a cellphone pocket, which can be used for most types of phones. Second, it has two hand pockets and two rear pockets that can be utilized for numerous tools, thus reducing your toolbelt’s weight. And, if you tend to use highlighters, markers or pens on your jobsite, in addition to pencils, you can utilize the pants’ pencil holder for those items as well.

UPF Protection

Since the pants have been designed, in particular, for warm weather, it’s vital that they protect you not only from high temperatures, but the sun, too. And, due to the pants’ UPF 30+ fabric, you’ll receive the exact protection you need, as they’ll only allow 1/30th (approximately 3%) of UV radiation to pass through them.

Waistband Elasticity

To further ensure you have the exact size you need, the pants also have a half-elastic waistband with a drawcord. Therefore, you’ll be able to adjust their size, if necessary, whether you need to loosen them up a bit or tighten them. In turn, the pants will likely fit properly throughout their lifespans, even if your size is somewhere in between the sizes that are offered. To guarantee you have the best fitting pants possible, they feature belt loops too, enabling you to wear a belt, in addition to using their half-elastic waistband.

work pants

Truewerk Cloud Work Pants. Credit: Goldenrod Photography

Should You Purchase Truewerk’s Cloud Pants?

Yes! In short, they provide practically everything you could ever need from a pair of pants, as evidenced above. If you’re seeking comfort while working in high heat and humidity, these pants will offer you exactly that, as a result of their breathability, composition and lightness. Consequently, you’ll be able to work for many hours at a time without having to change them. As I personally discovered, you likely won’t want to take them off even after your shift ends, regardless of how hot and humid it is when you leave your jobsite.

Durable too, despite their lightweight composition, Cloud Pants are created for long-term usage, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions, with regards to cleaning and drying them. Quick to dry whenever you work in rainy conditions or sweat in high heat, they feature drying and sweat-wicking technology as well, resulting in more comfort. You’ll never have to worry about your legs being too wet—for too long—on your jobsite, period.

Providing a four-way stretch that ensures high flexibility, as you’ll have a wide range of motion whenever you bend and stretch to perform your job duties, the pants don’t have any noticeable restrictions, regarding sizing, either. Offered in six sizes, the pants are true to fit, thereby guaranteeing they’ll fit exactly how you need them to.

As an example of their fitting capabilities, if your pants size is typically small, the Cloud Pants’ small size will more than likely fit you. If you happen to be in between sizes, you can always wear a belt or utilize the pants’ half-elastic waistband, allowing you to either decrease or increase your waist size whenever necessary.

In addition, the pants have ample storage space for your pencils, pens, small tools and phone, among other items. And, to ensure you’re further protected from the dangers of the jobsite, especially the risks that accompany long-term sun exposure, each pair of pants have UPF 30+ protection, too.

Finally, aside from providing you comfort, durability and protection, the pants—which are available in three colors: black camo, deep grey and olive—look great as well. Due to their appearance, durability and comfort, they can be worn away from your jobsite, whether you’re meeting up with friends or enjoying a meal at a restaurant. Without question, they’ll offer something for virtually everyone, time after time.

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